16 Text Message Templates to Increase Ticket Sales

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Whether you’re an event space marketer, a ticketing software, or a private company holding your own events, you need ticket sales to make a profit.

The problem is you’re having trouble connecting with the audience who would normally buy your tickets.

There are two main things you need to conquer:

a) Generating interest

b) Connecting with consumers who are in your target demographic and price range

I’m going to show you how to do both with text messaging!

Here are 16 text templates and accompanying use cases you can use to increase your event’s ticket sales.

Why should you use text messaging to increase ticket sales?

A strong portion, if not most, of your ticket sales and engagement come through email.

But texting on average creates 5x the engagement as email, so imagine what that can do for your sales!

You’re going to be able to drastically increase ticket sales when your SMS marketing campaigns have a 45% conversion rate.

Let’s start by looking at 16 text templates you can send to increase your event’s ticket sales.

1. Send mass announcements and promotions.

You want to get the word out about your event to the largest amount of consumers in your target audience.

The fastest way to do that is by promoting the event to contacts who have previously purchased tickets by gathering their phone numbers from their purchase history or your CRM.

Once you have their numbers, you need a way to send a single mass announcement to all of them—which you can do with Text Merge.

A Text Merge message has customizable fields you can use to personalize your mass texts with your season ticket holders’ individual information (like their name and the last event they went to). All you have to do is create a CSV file formatted with the custom fields you want to include, then drop it directly into the message.

Text Request saves all the contacts you import, so they’re ready for you when you need to send out your next round of event promotions.

Below are some example Text Merge templates.

Template 1: “Hi [Name], don't miss out on the [Game] next week! Get your tickets now before they're all gone at: [link]”

Template 2: “Hello [Name]! Did you know [Performer] is coming back to [Arena] this February? You can book your tickets at: [link]”

Template 3: “Hi [Name], the next [Game] at [Stadium] is [Date]. We’ll give you half off on your next round of tickets if you invite a guest at: [link]”

Template 4: “[Name], we’re offering 30% off your next concert ticket at [Location] when you refer a friend at: [link]?”

Text Merge is a useful way to get the word out about your event to previous ticket holders, but it can also be a useful tactic to attract new ones when you offer rewards for getting previous ticket holders to invite their friends (like in the examples above).

2. Generate hype and interest around events with keywords.

You need a way to advertise your event to new guests who have never bought tickets before.

Keywords are an easy and enticing way consumers can opt-in to receive information related to your upcoming events.

You can advertise keywords on everything from your website, social media, email, digital and OTT ads, videos, and brick and mortar location. All you need is to create a message that automatically sends whenever someone texts in your chosen keyword.

This is a great marketing tool if you're in between events and you want a way for consumers to preview tickets that aren’t on sale yet.

Below are a few examples.

Template 5: “Thanks for texting [Keyword] to [Event]! We’ll send you updates and reminders as the event draws closer.”

Template 6: “Hello! Thanks for opting in for updates for [Game]. Check out previous highlights at [link], and don’t forget to book your tickets for the next match early at [link]!”

Template 7: “Welcome to the [Performer] newsletter! We’ll send subscribers updates on upcoming events and deals every Thursday.”

Template 8: “Thanks for your interest in [Arena]! We’ll send updates on new guests and events every Tuesday.”

Potential ticket buyers are much more likely to take immediate action when you advertise that they can text in keywords to learn more about your upcoming events. They’d rather receive updates automatically then look for new information on their own.

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3. Hold two-way text conversations from your website.

You spend a lot of time and money driving people to your website, but many potential customers need you to answer their questions before they purchase. Otherwise, they'll leave without buying.

You need a way customers can reach out to your sales and customer service reps for questions about:

  • Season tickets
  • Refunds
  • Number of remaining seats
  • Security
  • Food and drink options

Why not give them the option to text you these inquiries directly from your website?

Our SMS Chat widget makes that possible. It gives website visitors a call-to-action to text you. Any of your responses go directly to their phone, and you get to keep their number for follow up promotions.

Template 9: “Hi [Name], thanks for reaching out to [Festival]! What questions can I help you answer today?”

Template 10: “Hello [Name], we’re located at [address], and our next scheduled event is [Performer]. You can book tickets, or check out our other upcoming guests at: [link]”

Template 11: “Hi [Name], thanks for asking about our [Sport] membership deals.You can learn more about how to get the best deals on all your tickets at: [Link]”

Template 12: “Hi [Name], we currently have four seats left for [Event]. You can book your ticket at: [Link]”

Two-way text conversations like these can serve as the final push that gets someone to book a ticket. Customers want to know you’re going to give them an all-star experience, especially if the event is pricey (like a conference or major festival).

4. Share images of tickets and event areas.

Consumers no longer want the hassle of physically printing their tickets, especially now that it’s so common to share them as QR codes or image files. They also don’t want to go to the trouble of carrying a map of the event area, when most festival and arena areas now offer digital ones.

You can step up your own event’s game when you share tickets and maps via text.

Customers will love having everything they need in one place without having to dig through their email or pulling up your event’s website—which is important when your event’s best marketing tool is word of mouth from happy attendees.

Template 13: “Hi [Name], thanks for purchasing tickets for [Performer]! Below is a digital copy of your tickets and a map of the concert hall indicating where your seats are. [Image]”

Template 14: “Hello [Name], [Festival] is only two days away!! Here’s a map of all the stages and performer lineups. [Image]”

Template 15: “Hi [Name], here is a digital copy of your ticket. You can present it at the gate the day of the game. [Image]”

Template 16: “Ready for [Event] tomorrow? Here’s a map of where your seats are. [Image]”

This kind of customer service demonstrates your event’s credibility and encourages repeat ticket purchases.

How can you start texting to increase your event’s ticket sales?

The first step is getting a professional platform where you can:

  • Save templates for ticket purchase confirmations, requests, and common questions
  • Organize contacts with things like groups and tags
  • Schedule event reminders and updates in advance
  • Have one place where your sales team can manage conversations and campaigns together

Text Request offers all that and more. You can even set up multiple lines for your ticket sales reps, so they each have their individual space for managing ticket sales!

We even help you text-enable your current business number, so the phone number you’ve been advertising for the event can stay consistent.

Schedule a demo or check out our pricing here.