Is Texting Really 10 Times More Efficient Than Phone Calls?

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The average phone call takes about 2 minutes out of your day, which doesn’t seem like much until you realize the average front office employee answers over 50 phone calls every day.

That's a lot of time! And each one of those phone calls is a distraction to other important tasks. Plus, you don't just lose 100 minutes of your day to being on the phone.

Studies show it takes an average of 25 minutes to regain focus every time you get distracted. In other words, 2 phone calls cost you an hour of productivity every day.

That's unreal!

Sure, phone calls are part of the job, and your brain can adapt to pick up some of the slack. But do these simple communications really need to cost you hours of focus?

Isn't there a better way, where you can still communicate as needed without wasting your time?

Please hang up and text me


That's why we text - and email, and live chat, and communicate in so many other ways throughout the day. They're more convenient for us, and we don't have to let ourselves be distracted.

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In many cases we have adapted to make up for the loss phone calls can bring.

Normally when we communicate with a friend or colleague, we text. If they're free, then the conversation is over a few seconds later. If they're busy, then you didn't just throw them off their groove.

Why don't we communicate like this more often? It's how people prefer to communicate, after all.

The average phone call lasts about 2 minutes, but a typical smartphone user only needs 4-5 seconds to send a text.

So if it takes 2-4 text messages to complete the average back-and-forth of a 2-minute phone call, then texting is 10X more efficient! And you can ditch the distractions.

Benefits of texting online from a computer

When you have to deal with constant interruption, you are going to be less productive, and this hurts any operation!

Why not just text, and have people text you? Why not type your simple message? A decent typist can crank out about 80 (correct) words per minute, so an online texting platform can be a great fit.

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Your business has customers and potential customers trying to contact you every day. What if you could have the same conversations, and be more productive? 

If you need to communicate with customers - or even employees and leads - it makes sense to text.

People prefer to text. It's more efficient than phone calls. Each employee gets to be more productive. Everyone wins!

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