How to Increase Ticket Sales with Text Messaging (SMS)

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Ticket sales are vital to any event - sporting, musical, or otherwise. So let’s talk about how to increase ticket sales. Because when you increase ticket sales, everyone from the fans to the advertisers to the organizations involved wins.

Specifically, I’m going to show you how to increase ticket sales with text messaging (SMS).

Why use text messaging for ticket sales?

The main problem you have is not a shortage of people who are interested in your event(s), or even a shortage of people who are interested and can afford it. Your main problem is being able to connect with those people.

That’s why text messaging is such a good solution.

According to Constant Contact, the average email open rate for ticket sales is about 16%. And according to Software Advice, roughly 20% of people are willing to answer phone calls (if they’re available).

Meanwhile, 99% of text messages are read, with an average response time of 90 seconds and an average click-through rate of 36%.

You can connect with 5X the number of people through text as you can through email or phone calls! And much more quickly, too.

Lead Conversion Text Vs Call

How do we use texting for ticket sales?

Texting for ticket sales is as easy as emailing for ticket sales. You might have noticed Text Request is an online text messaging service for businesses and organizations. Add your contacts, create a campaign, and in a few short minutes, everyone will see your message.

Group Merge Message Example

Who should we text?

Season ticket holders or members are the easiest and best contacts to start with, if applicable.

Create a list of all your season ticket holders from the past one, three, or five years. Use whatever verbiage you like, but as an example you might say:

[First Name], season tickets for your favorite [sport / theatre] are on sale now! Take a look at packages

Next, anyone who’s bought a ticket from you in the last year is a great contact to text. You might segment customers based on event type (e.g. basketball, soccer, football, or concerts, plays, standup), or you might just send them a message for every new event you have.

A couple of examples:

Want more football? Get your tickets for UGA vs Alabama on 9/16 right now!

New at the Tivoli - Mumford & Sons, Jerry Seinfeld, and Newsies! Check out dates and prices at

In the end, texting solves your problem of being able to connect with the right people. Now that you have the ability, it’s up to you to say how you want to use it, and how frequently.

What about all our sales reps?

Text Request works well whether you’ve got a couple people texting from the same number or hundreds of people each texting from their own line.

If you have different sales reps managing different event types or each trying to hit their own quota, then you can setup multiple lines in your Text Request account. 

With Text Request, you can text using your current business phone number. So if all your reps have their own lines, they can all text or call from the same number. Sales directors can oversee every line as needed to check ratios and see how conversations are going.

Or if you just have a few people all texting for the same thing, you can simply share a dashboard. You’ve got options.

How do we start texting for ticket sales?

All you need is a Text Request account and a list of contacts.

Sign up for an account on our Pricing page. Choose whether to get a number through us or use your current line. Then you can add your contacts, set up any other users, and increase your ticket sales.

We also offer free product demos, and free training to all users. If you still have questions, contact us!