4 Ways Title Companies Improve Client Communications by Texting

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As a title company, you and your team spend a lot of time coordinating with people to get paperwork completed and closings scheduled. The problem is clients don't answer your phone calls and emails, leaving you in a constant state of chaos.

So what can you do about it?

I’m going to show you four simple ways other title service companies are texting with clients, realtors, and mortgage brokers to get paperwork completed, closings scheduled, make their lives easier, and even in bring in new business.

Why texting?

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 99% of texts are read
  • The average response time for a text is 90 seconds
  • At least 89% of people want to text with businesses

Compare that to:

Texting’s a much more effective communication channel, even professionally. That has all sorts of positive benefits for you and your office. You’ll just want a way to manage texts as a team. Text Request is perfect for this, but we’ll talk about that later.

(Sidebar: Check below to see if you can text using your current office phone number.)

1. Get paperwork signed the first time you ask.

People get hundreds of emails a day, mostly spam. It’s difficult to make your message stand out, and even more difficult to make clients take an action right when they see it.

How does texting help?

Text to prompt or remind people to look at your emails. E.g.:

“Hey [Mitch], I just emailed you a form I need your signature on. Could you get that back to us today? Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!”

As soon as they see your text, they’ll search for your email and complete the task ASAP. The text gets their attention, and they’ll want to finish the task quickly so it’s not looming over their head.

The same concept works for confirming details, like double checking the file you’ve put together. It’s also great for reminders. E.g.:

“[Scott], still need you to sign [this form]. I can send you the DocuSign link again if that would help. Thanks!”

People read texts almost instantly, so you’ll inevitably speed up the closing process while removing chaos from your daily schedule. What could you do with all that extra time?

2. Schedule and confirm closings more quickly.

Buyers, sellers, realtors, and mortgage brokers -- there are a lot of people you have to coordinate with to make a closing happen! Doing it through email normally takes awhile, and often gets cluttered.

That’s why title professionals text to schedule and confirm closings. One text can go to everyone at once, too. E.g.:

“How’s Thursday at 9am to close on 1601 Gulf St.?”

If that time works, great. If not, you’ll find a new time. Either way it’ll be booked far more quickly and painlessly than scheduling through email. And once you have a time on the books, a text is the perfect way to remind everyone and confirm they’ll be there. E.g.:

“Hi [First Name], quick reminder we’ve got your closing for [property] tomorrow at [9am]. Don’t forget your ID!”

These messages can even be scheduled to send later, so you might tee them up as soon as you schedule the closing, and then not even have to worry about confirming later -- it’ll happen automatically.

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3. Provide better, faster customer service.

Clients have tons of questions throughout the home buying process, and you’re happy to help! The problem is you end up playing phone tag or dragging out conversations over days through email -- with all of your clients.

That becomes a lot to balance. But once clients know they can text you at your office phone number, they will. For example:

“[Janet], I don’t understand [p.3] of this document. Can you call me when you get a moment? Thank you!”

That’s a lot better than calling and leaving a voicemail for each other. Multiply that experience by all the questions that come up during the closing process, and pretty soon you’ll be offering the #1 customer service in town! That sets you up perfectly for this next step.

4. Earn more online reviews (and more new business).

Referrals and word of mouth are everything for your business. You know that, but did you know about 90% of people treat online reviews just like personal recommendations from friends and family?

That’s one reason reviews are important. Another is that the title company with the most online reviews is who’s most likely to show up at the top of Google search results. The #1 position on Google gets 2X as many new opportunities as the #2 position, and 3X as many as #3.

Put these two together, and reviews might be the #1 marketing tool you’ve got.

So how will texting help?

99% of texts are read, and they have about a 50% click-through rate. More importantly, companies who text to ask for customer reviews tend to earn about 600% more than those who ask via email.

After you’ve worked with a client, all you have to do is send a message like this:

“[Christine], it was great working with you to get your dream home! Would you share your experience with us on Google? Your feedback would help a lot. google.com/bizreview Thank you!”

Your online reviews will begin to soar, and you’ll start to get more and more new business because of it, too.

How can your title company start texting?

A few things you’ll want are:

  • A way to manage texting as a team
  • To text from your office phone numbers, preferably on your computers
  • And various features like autoresponses, message templates, scheduled and group messages, etc.

Text Request has all of this (and more), and the first step to seeing if Text Request is a good fit for your title service is to schedule a quick demo. You can bring a colleague, too, if you want!

Once you get up and running, you’ll be able to save time and make your life easier while bringing in new business. That’s a win-win!