6 User Experience Gurus Explain Their Best UX Tips

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It's all about the user experience! Consumers want to find what they're looking for quickly, they want it to be straightforward, and they want to enjoy the journey of discovering it.

As a business, achieving consumers' high standards is never easy. But it's still feasible to delight users and leave them with a smile. So we went to the experts to see just how you can do this. Here's what they had to say!

Jess Flack, Digital Marketing Specialist at Crash Creative

Focus on nurturing leads.

Looks like Mom was right again – a little does go a long way. By doing something as small as writing a well crafted “thank you” email to send after each new connection you make, you break down the communication barrier often forged between you and potential buyers.

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It’s best to personalize each message, even if the body is generic. Include a direct link to one of your landing pages or a link to like your Facebook page. The amount of effort you put into nurturing your leads directly correlates to the amount of success you see from them: be a “door” and not a “wall”.

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David Hunter, Owner at Nooga Labs

Maximize your website’s loading speed.

Use Google’s site speed tool and follow the recommendations they give you. 40% of viewers will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so maximizing your site's loading speed is crucial to creating an enjoyable user experience.

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Page Speed Load Times on User Experience

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Caleb Ludwick, Principal and Creative Director, 26 Tools

Place user experience at the core of everything.

Those two words ("user" and "experience") should be considered independently, as well as together. Who's your user, and what are they experiencing when they find you?

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A huge part of bettering your user experience is analysis, like A/B testing, and not putting all of your eggs in one basket (i.e. continually trying to find a better way).

You should be asking, "What works on a human level? What do these people like or dislike?" Look at what does or doesn't take, and repeat.

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Jackie Errico, Owner at Riverworks Marketing

Highlight the most important things in your content.

Not everyone reads the entire page. You've got to make sure the most important things for your users stand out from the rest of your content and copy. Use headlines and photography or graphics to highlight your important messages.

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Amanda Haskew, SEO Director at Papercut Interactive

Focus on delighting users.

Forcing users to click and zoom is a thing of the past. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and easily accessible to users on smartphones and tablets. You need to focus on delighting users, which means making things as convenient and seamless as possible across all platforms.

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Start with the User Experience and Work Backwards

Jeremy Weber, Copywriter at The Johnson Group

Create a clear copy first.

A beautiful copy is clear copy. Copy so rigidly clear your users won’t possibly misunderstand. In my attempt to write clear copy, I use concrete, simple language. Because when you’re online, you want an answer quickly and you search for it frantically.

Anything less clear than a highway road sign will frustrate users. And when users get frustrated with a website because it’s not answering their question fast enough, they’ll leave it and never return.

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