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Text Request Extends Vendor Partnerships to Public

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Text Request has been offering a solution to inconvenient phone calls and waiting on hold by allowing the public to instead text businesses. Now Text Request is extending its vendor partnership with the creation of its Reseller (Affiliate) Program.

About Text Request

Furthering their mission to "revolutionize the way businesses and consumers engage with each other," the platform enables consumers and businesses to finally communicate with each other the same way people have communicating with other people for years.

"We're answering the question consumers have been asking for years," says Brian Elrod, the company's co-founder and CEO. "Why can't we text businesses instead of calling or emailing?

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"The statistics are overwhelming in favor of customers wanting to text. It's almost irresponsible for businesses not to take advantage of the most used form of communication in the world!"

About the Reseller Program

Now Text Request is enabling consultants, vendors, specialists and others across the nation to share this service with their clients, and to receive compensation for doing so, through their Reseller Program.

"We were exhibitors at an expo recently," recounts Director of Communication, James Dawson, "and after the fifth or sixth person came up to us exclaiming how great and simple the service was, asking us if they could sell it to their own clients, we realized we had to make that possible."

"This really is great for everyone," says Elrod. "We've only had positive reviews from businesses using our service. Our Reseller Program allows those who already work in the small business space to become affiliates and get paid for it.

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"This is our way of saying 'thank you' to people who appreciate what we do. I feel it strengthens our focus on customer service and providing quality every step of the way."

Along with providing additional value to their clients, those who wish to add Text Request to their toolkit of recommendations will earn 20% of each account value (net transaction fees), paid monthly for the life of that account, with no caps on earnings.

Resellers will be given a free account for demonstrations, and only be responsible for introducing the service to clients. Text Request will cover all training and account maintenance.

Other than standard text messaging rates from cell phone providers, Text Request is completely free to consumers.

Early Success

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the businesses they choose to communicate with. 

The company rolled out a beta launch in the summer of 2014, using a diverse set of initial customers within a variety of industries including hospitality, education, places of worship, and food service.

These beta testers, and many users since, have encouraged contact through the platform, with reported growing satisfaction. To learn more about Text Request, click here.

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