8 Ways Cleaning Services Increase Revenue by Texting

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Your cleaning service has three main goals that you’re working hard to accomplish:

  • Bringing in new clients
  • Providing great experiences for existing clients
  • And keeping up with all your employees in the field

You can do each of these better by adding texting to your communications tool belt. How does that work? Let me show you. Here are eight ways cleaning services increase revenue by texting with clients and employees.

1. Generate new leads and clients with SMS Live Chat.

89% of consumers say they want to text back-and-forth with businesses like yours. In fact, it’s the most requested channel for business communications! And it’s one way you can passively generate leads from both Google and your website.

70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s crucial you take advantage of this option with SMS Chat.

SMS Chat lets people start text conversations with your business from both your desktop and mobile sites.

Viewers will start a conversation with you just like they would through any other live chat option. The difference is messages come into your Text Request account, and your replies go back to their cell phone. This has shown to increase conversions.

“Our inbound conversations have doubled since using Text Request’s SMS Chat.” - Steven, Signature Bail Bonds

2. Confirm appointments in seconds instead of hours.

You have to make sure someone’s home - or at work - to let your cleaners in. Otherwise you’ll be locked out, lose an appointment, and have to eat that cost.

The trouble with confirming appointments is that only 16% of emails are opened, and fewer than 20% of phone calls are answered. Those are poor rates to base the core of your business on.

But 99% of texts are read, with an average response time of only 90 seconds. And clients will respond to texts during work hours, even though they won’t answer a call. This way, you can even reach people last minute.

Schedule a Cleaning Text

With Text Request, you can send a text to one person at a time, or to everyone you’re supposed to service that week at once. You can also schedule messages in advance to make your life even easier.

Texting instead of calling for appointment reminders will help you keep more cleanings while saving your employees hours a day.

3. Follow-up with leads faster than competitors.

Up to 50% of sales go to the business who responds first. This is crucial to act on, because most clients compare several options before swiping their credit cards.

If you get back to a prospect before anyone else, there’s a significantly higher chance you’ll win that account. So how can you be first?

Any time you get a lead, send a text to that person ASAP. You can even set up an autoresponse text that says something like:

"Thanks for your message! Do you have two minutes to talk through it?"

In many cases you’ll be able to close sales entirely through text, but text is also a great wingman. You can text to cut through the noise, reach your prospect before anyone else, and close the deal.

“The response from so little effort shocked me! For those of you looking for sales and able to respond quickly, this can be HUGE.” - Scott, Merry Maids

4. Give instant estimates instead of driving to location.

Many times you need to see a space before you can give an accurate estimate of what it will cost to clean. That means you drive out, walk around, give an estimate, and then try to land the sale.

This is time consuming, costly, and inconvenient for everyone. But there’s a better way.

Just have clients text you pictures of the space. Text Request makes handling picture messages easy. You’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll probably convert more estimates into sales, too.

Get a Cleaning Estimate Text

5. Keep up with employees in the field.

Your employees check in with your office whenever they leave a location and whenever they arrive at a location. Normally they call in, which is time consuming and ties up phone lines that should be left for customers.

Instead, have employees text for their check-ins. Every message in Text Request has a timestamp, so you will always know who said what and when.

This is a great way to make your employees’ lives easier while managing communications more effectively. These internal communications work well both ways, too.

You can text to give updates to employees, like if so-and-so reschedules last minute, or if you need to share an address. A cleaner can just click on the address in a text to open GPS directions to that location.

6. Send SMS promotions that bring high returns.

You want to re-engage past clients and stimulate sales. SMS promotions are the perfect way to do it.

SMS campaigns have an average conversion rate of 45%. How would you feel about getting 45% of your past clients to book another cleaning with you? It would definitely increase revenue.

You don’t need to say anything fancy - just offer a simple deal that shows some excitement. E.g.:

“Happy Spring! We’re giving 50% off all spring cleanings when you book before 3/20! Reply to this text to book your cleaning and save money.”

Who doesn’t want to save money and get a clean home?

“[We’ve] sent out just one blast a month so far, and the return rate [has been] better than hiring an outbound customer service rep.” - Kara, Joseph Giannone Heating & Air

7. Text head shots of your cleaners to build client trust.

It takes a lot of trust to let a stranger into your home or office. People will often back out of a service just because they don’t know who might be snooping around their most personal of places. But you can build trust and keep more appointments with a simple text.

Text the client a picture of whomever’s going to be cleaning their space, maybe with a quick bio about them - like in the picture below:

Maid Bio Example Text Message

Boom - trust is instantly built! Your client feels better, and you’ve just set your team up to receive another raving online review. Pretty soon, your clients will tell others about their great experience, and new business will roll in.

Now multiply that by all your clients.

8. Ask for (and get) more online reviews.

People are 600% more likely to complete an online review when asked via text than when asked by email. And 90% of people say online reviews influence their buying decisions!

“It is simple for us. When we got more reviews than our competitors, our business increased.” - Ron, Titanium Jewelry

Getting more reviews is really easy, too. All you have to do is ask happy clients to share their experiences wherever others are most likely to find your business (Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, etc.). Example:

“Hey [First Name], so glad we got to serve you! Would you please leave us a [Google] review? It would help us a lot. Thank you! goo.gl/biz”

What’s next?

Step 1 is to make sure you’ve got the right tools to text professionally. If you aren’t already using Text Request, grab a time for a quick call or demo to learn more and see how it will help your cleaning service increase revenue.

If you’re already a Text Request user and want help getting more out of your service, contact us with any questions or to set up free training. We’re always happy to help!