60% of Your Website's Views Come from Mobile Devices

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You don’t need a scientist to tell you that everyone stays on their mobile devices all the time. But numbers never hurt anyone, so let's take a peek at how this influences your website's traffic, and your business in general.

The State of Mobile Web Traffic

We live in a mobile-first economy, one that is continually becoming more dependent on mobile devices every week. (Mobile dependence isn't necessarily a bad thing.) This is largely because Millennials are digital natives.

They have grown up in a world focused on technology and mobility, where tech has become synonymous with daily life.

According to the most recent Pew research study on cell phone ownership, over 80% of people between 18 and 49 own a smartphone, and every single one of them uses that device to access the internet.

That’s about 110 million Americans in that age group alone (not including tablets).

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Mobile devices also make up 60% of all online traffic. That’s huge!

If you take advantage of it, this trend actually makes it easier for your business to get noticed. You’re already in the palms of their hands!

Reaching customers on mobile devices needs to be one of the center focuses for your business. In fact, it's already a major focus for about 60% of businesses. What's your competition doing?

People turn to mobile devices to buy products and make decisions

So, most people are browsing the internet through their mobile devices. You've (hopefully) made your website mobile-friendly to attract more of these people to your website.

Now how do you engage and convert them?

How to Capitalize Traffic from Mobile Devices

Well, you minimize the barrier to entry, right?


The simplest form of communication, and the thing people do most from their smartphone, is text messaging. Not surprisingly, text messaging is also the most preferred form of communication for American adults under 50.

That means all 110 million of those smartphone owners between 18 and 49 both search for your business on their phones, and prefer to text!

Let customers text your business. That's simple enough.

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It lowers the barrier to entry, gives people what they want, and connects them directly to your business. How great is that?

Millennials have and will continue to grow into a larger portion of any business’ target audience. And they're all finding you on mobile devices.

If you want to grow your business and continually engage your target audience, you need to focus on engaging (potential) customers on their mobile devices. That’s 60% of your viewership! What are you doing to grab them?

Don’t miss out. Engage your customers and make it easy for them to engage you.

Click here to start texting.