4 Ways Our Wedding Photography Studio Increased Lead Conversions with Text Request

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When you build a trustworthy and reputable business, you create a lot of new opportunities that can result in growing pains and bottlenecking.

For our studio, this meant waves of potential clients filling out contact forms over email, but then getting crickets whenever it came time for actual phone consultations.

We needed a new, faster communication channel our potential clients would actually respond to, and that’s why we turned to Text Request to increase leads with texting.

Why did we switch to texting?

There was no single moment that made us turn to texting, it was more like a cycle of continuous frustration. Clients wouldn’t respond to our phone calls, which led to first consultations not being scheduled, which then led to deals not being closed.

Planning a wedding takes a huge amount of time, and we soon discovered the majority of our leads actually organize their weddings during their typical work schedules when they’re too busy to pause and take our calls.

We knew potential clients needed a faster and more private communication channel, so we found a way to manage texts as a business with Text Request.

So how does Text Request work for us?

Generally when people begin their search for a wedding photographer, they go to Google or social media to find previous existing wedding photos they like. In our case, we also have over 25 venues who recommend couples to us.

From there, the couple locates our website and begins checking out our pricing and inquiry forms.

We introduced texting to this part of the buying process by using Text Request to immediately contact clients after they fill out our inquiry form (which requires their phone number).

This jump starts conversations, since people typically respond to texts in under 90 seconds, and so our messages no longer got lost in our lead’s inbox or voicemail.

4 Ways We Increased Lead Conversion with Text Request

1) Getting past robocalls and spam.

Robocalls are a problem for any city, but in San Diego alone there’s been a 25% increase in robocalls within just the span of just two months. In fact, San Diegans currently receive about 70 million robocalls a month (that’s almost 15 robocalls per person).

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This was a huge problem for us. One after one, leads would contact our studio, but no one would answer our follow up phone consultations fearing robocalls, and soon there was a huge gap between new contacts and closed deals.

And it’s not just phone calls that have been invaded by unwanted advertising and scams, 55% of all emails are spam too. So, we knew that even if we switched to email consultations, there was still a chance our messages would get lost by leads who didn’t want to wade through the spam that also makes it into their inbox.

But texting has a significantly smaller problem with robots and spam than both phone calls and emails. And in a matter of days of using Text Request, we found that leads were much more willing to engage with us over text.

2) Using all three of Text Request’s platforms to respond as fast as possible.

Text Request offers three different platforms to text from—the main dashboard that can be accessed from the home page, the mobile app, and the Chrome extension.

But my favorite platform is the Chrome extension, because it allows me to get instant text notifications as I work on other tasks in my browser. There’s no need to open a second window or a new tab to respond to messages. In a matter of seconds I can figure out who is messaging me or review all my contacts without having to login to the main dashboard.


There’s just nothing faster than clicking that text bubble. If you don’t already use Chrome, you need to be, because this extension just makes life easier by allowing you to:

  • Click any phone number on any page to start a conversation
  • Edit contacts
  • Toggle between numbers

3) Providing a quick and private first consultation.

Text communication is condensed, so clients don’t get bogged down with extra information or fluff. It’s the way people actually talk, without adjectives or unnecessary words.

Because of this, we’ve noticed that clients have started responding to us during the workday with texts.

Before we were texting, leads couldn’t step outside while they were working to discuss rates with us over the phone. But with texts, clients know the communication will be fast and efficient enough for them to continue working while they close deals with us.

Texts are also more discreet and private—unlike phone calls, which can be overheard by passersby—and so our clients feel as if they can discuss their special day on their own terms without turning their co-workers’ heads.

4) Using email in conjunction with texting.

We still use email to gather inquiry forms from potential clients, but all follow ups for bookings are made through Text Request. The two channels work great together to close deals—with short texts establishing contact, and emails relaying more in-depth details and information afterwards.

For example, in our initial consultation, we’ll always include a link to one sample wedding album (because you can include links in texts). But if the lead wants to see more samples or learn additional information, we’ll switch the conversation over to email.

That initial text is what hooks our clients (because it has a 99% chance of being open), so they know to check their emails for follow up information.

Final Tips to Get Started

It took my team all of five minutes to understand Text Request, and 10 minutes to really set things up. The platform is simple and intuitive—all you need to do is get into the rhythm of using it.

To do this, I personally recommend immediately downloading Text Request’s Chrome extension first, so you never miss any notifications and get into the habit of responding to clients ASAP. That way you’ll be ready once the wave of leads start rolling in.

To learn more about Text Request, talk to a representative, or get pricing information, visit our Demo page. If you are ready to sign up for Text Request, visit our Pricing page.