So, Why Is Content King? And Why Does Content Matter?

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A lot has changed in the 20+ years since Bill Gates coined the phrase "content is king." A lot.

Yet it's still as relevant today as ever! But how?

Why is content king? What makes content so important, anyway?

Content tends to be rather fluid, and could be anything from short video clips for your Snapchat profile to full research reports on your blog.

Really, that's why content is king. It's ubiquitous with being online! And we can break all of it down into 2 powerful concepts.

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Push Content

Consumers engage with hundreds of items online every day.

Between checking their phone 150 times a day, being distracted by 150+ advertisements a day, and everything else that's going on, consumers' attention is being grabbed from all angles at all times.

The problem is you need their attention. Badly.

Average Daily Media Consumption

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People quickly forget. It's not because they're dumb, it's because there's always something new and different being pushed in front of them.

If you want people to engage with you, you've got to push something directly in front of them, and do it often. You have to give them something.

That's where content comes into play.

You need content - something funny, entertaining, or informational - to push in front of people and grab their attention. Maybe you use emails, maybe you use images and updates on various social media platforms.

You've got options, but continual engagement is what places and keeps your brand on consumers minds. Engagement is your key to growth.

Why is content king? Because it's how your brand can engage with your targets, build loyalty, and gain customers.

Content is how you reach people, and how you grab their attention. Without your targets' attention, you'll never have their dollars.

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Pull Content

People want answers.

They're searching, they're discovering, and they're learning. If they're not getting answers from you, then from whom?

Smartphone Users Product Decisions

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If "push content" is going where your targets are and putting your content there, "pull content" is providing answers and solutions to people who are searching. It's getting your targets to come to you.

Pull content to the consumer is like a salt lick to the deer. They want something, and you've got it, so they come to you.

Google processes 167+ billion searches every month. There's plenty of opportunity for you to be waiting with open arms (and helpful content) to draw these people in.

What could answer all your target customers' questions? What could resolve all of their problems?

It's content.

By providing answers and solutions to questions related to your industry, you can attract consumers. You can turn those consumers into subscribers, and then into paying customers.

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Why is content king? Because it's what enables you to bring in more potential customers.

In Sum

Content is king for 2 main reasons: attention and answers. When consumers are checking email and browsing through social media, they're looking for something to engage with.

Types of Digital Internet Marketing

If you're not pushing something in front of them - content - their attention will be taken by someone else who is pushing content in front of them.

You need that attention to become consumers' go-to choice for whatever it is you do.

On the other side, people are always searching for answers. By providing content for those searches, by providing answers, you're able to attract and convert more of your targets.

Why is content king?

Because content, in its many forms, is the solution to both consumer engagement and customer acquisition, which are each critical to growing your business.

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