Why is Digital Communication So Important to Your Business?

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People always enjoy a good discussion with a friend or colleague, whether it's face-to-face or through some digital medium. Actually, people seem to prefer digital communication.

That's one of the reasons we text all the time. In fact, Americans send over 18.7 billion text messages every day, and that number only keeps going up!

This figure doesn't even include alternative messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the 2 of which combine to send over 60 billion messages every day (worldwide). We can't get enough of this digital communication!

The idea that people turn to their mobile phones or other devices to avoid personal interaction isn't true. We crave personal interaction now more than ever! And often, that's why we spend more than 4 hours a day on our mobile phones.

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We love to be personable, to share our thoughts, to discuss ideas, and generally be social. What this means is businesses also need a way to be personable at all times - and from anywhere -through the same digital communication.

Consumers hate dealing with automated services and impersonal mediums. Who wants to call some 800 number, only to wade through countless command options? On a good day, you might reach a person after waiting on hold for way too long.

Why Digital Communication is So Important to Your Business

You probably have your own stories of dealing with poor automated services. Communication that isn't personable and in real-time just isn't a good customer experience!

Texting and social media have completely rewritten how we interact with others. Everything we do with each other is personal ("social") and in real-time, and we now expect the same things from companies.

So why isn't some form of real-time digital communication a staple of how your business interacts with customers? It's a direct refusal to give customers what they want!

How is that acceptable?

You need to join the billions of conversations happening every day through digital communication. You need to make sure that your business is personable and mobile.

With how often people text, it's absolutely inexcusable for your business not to implement business texting or mobile IM into your business communications strategy.

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