This is Finally the Year Everyone Takes Mobile Seriously

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We've been hearing it for years. "Mobile is the way to go." "You've got to focus on your mobile strategy." "Mobile is one of the top trends of this year." The experts have been preaching mobile for ages, but this is finally the year everyone takes mobile seriously. Here's how we know, and what you should do about it.

We launched in late 2014, after building a product conceived in early 2014. That's been two years now. Text Request was created because everyone was mobile dependent, and growing more so everyday. On the consumer end, mobile had already been a staple for quite some time. But businesses had yet to fully integrate mobile, and take advantage of its opportunity.

It's similar to when Facebook was first exploding. There was a lag between when the experts said "you've got to get a business page on Facebook," and when it became just one of those things you do. Mobile in business has been the same way, and this year we're finally seeing businesses (small business to large corporations, all over the board) seriously discussing mobile strategy and implementation.

60% of all web traffic occurs on a mobile device. That research was first reported by comScore in June 2014. Two years ago, mobile web browsing surpassed desktop usage. Since then we've gone through Mobilegeddon. We've seen that Americans check their phones 150 times a day, spend about 5 hours on social media apps, open the majority of their email on smartphones, and keep their precious devices within arms reach for 22+ hours of every day.

Mobile has been a growing trend for several years, and its reached the point when it's unacceptable for any operation - that includes yours - to not have a well-defined and implemented mobile strategy.

We've been vendors at conference after conference this year - some low-tech, some high-tech. The keynotes are all saying the same thing: You've got to be mobile. But they've been saying that for a while. The difference this year is that businesses are finally taking it seriously. Six months ago, when we'd go to a show, there'd be a keynote surrounding mobile, but no one would do anything with it. 

Now they're doing something with it! That means 2016 is going to see massive shifts in how the majority of businesses across industries operate. You don't want to be on the tail end of that. You need to be at the front of this shift. If you act quickly, you can still be a leader. If you wait, or don't think it's necessary for you to act just yet, you'll look up sooner than you'd like to see that you've missed out terribly.

This is finally the year everyone takes mobile seriously. If you're hearing this for the first time, here's what you need to focus on.

People are looking for more on their smartphones.

Something needs fixing at the house, curious about a recipe, looking to buy X: In nearly every situation throughout the day, when someone under 50 needs an answer, they pull out their smartphone. It's just what people do. To help yourself out, make your website mobile-friendly.

Search engines like Google appreciate mobile-friendly websites, because they provide a better experience for consumers than non-mobile-friendly websites. Thus, they reward you for creating a better experience by placing your site higher in search results. You can tell if your site is mobile-friendly by searching for it on Google, like in the photo below (you'll see the "Mobile-friendly" notation). If your site isn't mobile friendly, you can follow these guidelines. Also, check out these tips for other search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

  Text Request Mobile Friendly Search Result Screenshot

People naturally engage with businesses every day.

But how are they engaging? For the sake of this discussion, think of mobile engagement in two ways: through social media, and through calls/emails/texts. Social is where people spend a massive chunk of their time (5 hours a day). It makes sense for your brand to go where consumers are already spending their time.

Facebook and YouTube are staples of mobile/social engagement, and thus great places to distribute content and interact with consumers. Depending on your audience, Instagram, Snapchat, and Medium are also becoming some of the best places to reach consumers and engage with them. For more info on mobile engagement, check out these statistics.

For calls, emails, and texts, you've got to understand that consumers today are mobile-first. They choose mobile devices first before moving to a desktop. Native to mobile devices is texting. Any given audience under 50 prefers texting over every other form of communication - even face-to-face. That's why it's the most used form of communication in the world! Emails and calls are still important in their own way. But I stress the power of text because it's the most powerful tool that the majority of businesses aren't yet using well. For more info on this, check out these statistics.

Mobile is only growing, and the time to take action is right this second.

Mobile usage has been trending upwards for nigh a decade. It keeps growing. Consumers are increasingly more dependent on their mobile devices. If you think this doesn't apply to you, or that you've got time to wait, you're wrong. You'll fail with that kind of attitude.

2016 is finally the year that everyone takes mobile seriously. Don't be the one business who doesn't. If you want help in any area of this, just ask! Comment on this post, or text us at (423) 218-0111. We want to see your business succeed, and we know that involves a solid mobile strategy.

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