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An online SMS service perfect for credit unions.

Quit struggling to bring in new members while providing top tier service to current ones. Text Request makes it all easy. Let us show you how.

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Communication is the bedrock of your member relationships, whether it's for filling out applications, providing customer service, educating someone about a financial product, or another reason. It's crucial that you keep up with all your members, but that's extremely difficult when phone calls aren't answered and emails are ignored. That's why your credit union needs Text Request.

Text Request is an online dashboard that lets you send and receive text messages through your current business phone numbers. It works with your Google accounts, website, and CRM to make communicating with everyone a cinch. Since 99% of texts are read, you're all but guaranteed to reach members quickly! Take a look at what our online SMS service can do for your credit union.


Send new offers to all of your existing members (or to just a relevant group of them). Our group picture messaging lets you send flyers and more so you can earn a high ROI on every promotion.

Customer Service

Your members have questions all the time, and want updates on their accounts. Now they can text you for answers! This is a much better experience for members, and it keeps your phone lines free for other business.

Lead Generation

Our Click-to-Text features work with your website, Google business listing, Google Ads, and more to drive inbound leads through SMS. Since 70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, this is huge for your credit union.

Application Follow-Up

Touch base with applicants to confirm details and request needed documents. Dramatically cut your sales cycle, because the average text message response time is only 90 seconds!


All texts in and out of Text Request are permanently recorded and guarded by top security measures. Text Request is compliant with NCUA and FINRA regulations.

Online Reviews

The local credit union with the best reviews will win the most business. Get up to 18X more reviews by texting online review links to members, compared to emails. Also works for surveys and feedback.

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