How to Get More Leads with Text Request

You want more leads. We get that, and we want to help. You might think of text messaging as an outbound marketing tool, but it’s just as effective for getting inbound leads. Here’s why:

  • Text is the most used form of communication (Gallup)
  • 77% of internet usage comes from mobile devices (ZenithMedia)
  • Most consumers say they’d rather text a business than call (Twilio)

In other words, people are searching for what your business does on their smartphones, and they’d rather text you than call a competitor - if you give them the option.

What exactly is Text Request?

Text Request is an online texting service for businesses. Basically, this means you can send and receive texts from a computer (or any other device) using your current business number. Just login to your account, and you're good to go!

We also have a suite of features to help you integrate with common marketing platforms, and much more.

One of the things people love most about Text Request is how easy it is to use. An account takes just a couple minutes to set up, and about fifteen minutes to be fully trained. That's no time at all for business tech!

How does Text Request help you get more leads?

1. Google Business Listing Integration

You already use your Google business listing to show up in search results and drive traffic to your website. With Text Request, mobile viewers can text your business directly from your Google listing.

You can manage these inbound messages quickly and easily inside Text Request, and turn your new leads into customers fast.

Text Request Google My Business Listing with Messaging Option

2. Click-to-Text Website Button

We give you a Click-to-Text button to convert more viewers into leads. You can put this anywhere on your website.

Clicking the button opens a text auto-addressed to your business. Button clicks can be tracked in your Google Analytics account, and you can pull reports on these leads inside your Text Request account (under Reports).

Website Click-to-Text Button Example

3. Adwords Message Extensions

Adwords Message Extensions are calls-to-action specifically for mobile users. Clicking the extension opens a text to your business.

Often, viewers would rather text you to set up an appointment or ask a question than to try navigating your website. You can also use your ad copy to prompt viewers to text you (e.g. “Text us for a coupon code!”).

Text Request's Keywords feature is a great option for this.

Adwords Message Extension Example

4. Floating Website Button

You’re familiar with live chat features that float at the bottom of your website as viewers scroll. With Text Request, you can do the same thing with a text button.

Viewers click it to send you a text, and you can pull reports on these inbound leads inside your Text Request account (under Reports). The button will only show on your mobile website.

Floating Click-to-Text Button Example

How do you follow up with leads?

Every inbound text (and lead) will live inside your Text Request account - and your CRM, if you want to integrate.

You’ll have a permanent record of the sender and their message. To follow up, just text them back!

Any user can text the lead back to follow up, schedule a call, or close the sale. You can also create autoresponses for inbound messages, schedule texts to be sent later, add contacts to specific groups, and much more.

Text Request SMS Business Texting Service Dashboard

Other Reasons to Use Text Request

Text Request gives you far more bang for your buck. Every Text Request account comes with:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited users
  • A dedicated account rep
  • Full customer support
  • All our integrations
  • All our features
  • No contracts
  • And a 30-day money back guarantee

How do you start?

Follow the button below to select your plan. Plans are based on usage, so if you don't know how many texts you'll use, just start with the Starter plan. You can change plans at any time.

Choose whether to use your current business number (we'll verify it) or to get a new number. Then you're good to go!

Your dedicated account rep will also reach out ASAP to help you with any questions and training.

Ready to start using Text Request?

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