How to Increase Sales, Keep More Appointments with Text Request

If you want to keep more appointments, increase sales, or get more new customers, Text Request will help you. Here's how!

What exactly is Text Request?

Text Request is an online texting service for businesses. Basically, this means you can send and receive texts from a computer (or any other device) using your current business number. Just login to your account, and you're good to go!

We also have a suite of features to help you easily manage messages as a team, integrate with your CRM, increase sales, keep more appointments, and more.

One of the things people love most about Text Request is how easy it is to use. An account takes a couple minutes to set up, and about fifteen minutes to be fully trained. That's no time at all for business tech!

How does Text Request help you increase sales and keep more appointments?

Take your pick!

1. Create more appointments.

Our Click-to-Text feature integrates with your website, Google business listing, and more. Viewers click this button to send you a text. It’s proven to bring businesses more appointments, customers, etc., because mobile viewers would rather text you than call.

Text Request Google My Business Listing Messaging Screen Shot

Our BCC group messaging feature also makes it easy to reach out to customers for (semi)annual checkups, renewals, and more. 99% of texts are read, which creates exponentially more sales opportunities compared to calls and emails.

You can send one message to your entire list of contacts. All responses come back to you, not the group.

2. Confirm and keep more appointments.

People forget. They don’t listen to voicemail. It can be difficult to reach them with calls and emails. Yet virtually every text is read, almost instantly!

With Text Request, you can schedule appointment confirmation texts, or have them trigger in your CRM, and actually reach people.

3. Reschedule appointments.

Lost appointments are lost money. When someone responds to your confirmation text saying that time doesn't work anymore - no worries!

Just text them back to find another time that works. Even automated reminders can turn into money saving conversations!

Text Request Small Business SMS Text Service Online Dashboard

4. Increase click-through and conversion rates.

According to Constant Contact, 18% of emails are opened, and only 2% get a click-through. But studies consistently show 99% of texts are opened, and text links get a 36% click-through!

Text Request makes it easy for you to:

  • Send a promotion
  • Follow up with a lead
  • Remind people to pay you
  • Ask for online reviews
  • Or generally encourage people to take a next step...

And actually get results!

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5. Save more time while increasing revenue.

The average phone call lasts about 2 minutes. The average text takes 15 seconds. With Text Request you, can send one text to as many people as you want. All replies come back to you, not the group.

This can save you countless hours while helping you close more sales! That’s the goal, right?

Other Reasons to Use Text Request

Text Request gives you far more bang for your buck. Every Text Request account comes with:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited users
  • A dedicated account rep
  • Full customer support
  • All our integrations
  • All our features
  • No contracts
  • And a 30-day money back guarantee

How do you start?

Follow the button below to select your plan. Plans are based on usage, so if you don't know how many texts you'll use, just start with the Starter plan. You can change plans at any time.

Choose whether to use your current business number (we'll verify it) or to get a new number. Then you're good to go!

Your dedicated account rep will also reach out ASAP to help you with any questions and training.

Ready to start using Text Request?

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