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Human Resources

A business texting software made for HR professionals.

It's tough communicating with employees and applicants when they don't answer phone calls or emails. We built an HR texting tool so you can reach everyone instantly. Schedule a demo to see it in action!

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It takes a lot of communication to vet resumes, schedule interviews, and remind hires about important dates and paperwork - and that doesn't even cover current employees! The problem is that emails and phone calls aren't getting the job done.

That's why we built a professional and secure platform that lets your HR team connect with employees and applicants through the world's #1 form of communication - text messaging. Take a look at some of our human resources texting solutions below to learn more!


With Click-to-Text and SMS Chat, applicants can text in their resumes from your website. Vet those on your computer, and text qualified candidates to schedule interviews.


Text candidates and employees to quickly schedule interviews and meetings. Also create reminders and confirmations to send at a future date and time.

Updates & Reminders

Share last minute tips, reminders, and company updates to make sure the right people see your message at the right time. Send these texts instantly or schedule them in advance.

Surveys & Feedback

Learn how employees feel and what you can do better by sharing employee satisfaction surveys and other feedback requests through text.

Permanent Messages

All messages in Text Request are secure and permanently recorded, with name and time stamps, so you will always know who said what to whom and when.

Tracking Hours

Keep up with employee hours, jobs performed, and other important details easily through simple text messaging.

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