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A professional SMS texting software for legal offices.

You have to coordinate with lots of clients, and texting’s the best way to do that. Schedule your demo to see how Text Request will make your life easier while also bringing you new cases.

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Scheduling appointments, reminding clients of court dates, sharing files, marketing. It takes a lot of work to keep your law firm running smoothly, and that’s tough because most people ignore phone calls and emails. But everyone reads a text.

Text Request gives your practice a professional way to text with clients and associates about cases and important dates. We even help you generate more leads from your website and Google ads! Take a look at some of our corporate texting solutions below.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is a pain, especially when clients don’t answer calls and emails. Texts have an average response time of 90 seconds, so you can get meetings on the books ASAP, and change your schedule easily as needed.

Lead Generation

You need new cases to drive revenue. Text Request’s Click-to-Text and SMS Chat help you convert Google searchers and website visitors into paying clients, because prospects would rather text you than call or email.

Landline, VOIP Texting

Staff can text with clients from their computers or smartphones using your office phone numbers. Unlimited users can view a shared dashboard. This does not affect voice services.

Online Reviews

Clients want to know you’ll be good to work with before they reach out. That’s why the firms with the most online reviews get the most business. Earn more online reviews by texting your Google or Facebook review links to clients.

Updates & Reminders

There are details you need and dates that are crucial to your clients’ futures. Text them updates and reminders to make sure you get what you need and they show up when they’re supposed to. You can even schedule these messages in advance.

Permanent Records

Text Request is a completely secure system. Every text in or out is permanently recorded and searchable, along with a time and name stamp, so you’ll always know who said what to whom and when.

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