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It takes a lot of communication to run your marina. Boats need servicing and owners need updates. New customers are coming in that you need to follow up with. Then there are promotions, reviews, general updates, parts ordering, and so many questions!

You know text messaging will help you communicate better (even save time while increasing revenue), but you need a way to manage texting as a team. That’s where Text Request comes in. Take a look at some of our marina text messaging solutions below!

Boat Sales

You have to grab prospects’ attention after they walk away from the dock. Texting grabs their attention to keep the conversation going. Schedule messages in advance, and even send out promotions to past customers.

Online Reviews

More reviews leads to higher search rankings and more customers. Businesses who use Text Request tend to increase online reviews by 600%.

Parts & Service

You have to share service updates, but customers don’t answer your calls. Use Text Request to speed up the process, and to let customers text you when they need specific parts. Picture messaging makes this a breeze.

Inbound Leads

People are searching for marinas, they find you, then what? Use our SMS Chat to double your inbound opportunities by letting customers text you from your website (it’s what they want to do).


Need to reach hundreds or thousands of people at once for updates or sales opportunities? Send one message to everyone, and even personalize those texts at scale with Text Merge.

Team Friendly

Text Request gives multiple employees the power to text from your office phone lines, and you can text from multiple numbers under one account (like for Sales and Service). Customers text or call your same number, and you can easily manage all of it.

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