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An online text messaging software built for private schools.

Students don’t answer phone calls or email, and neither do parents. Text Request gives you an easy and fast way to connect with them through text. Schedule a demo to see how!

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The only way students communicate these days is by text, but you need a compliant way to text with them (personal cell phones won’t cut it). What about parents? They rarely answers calls and email, and they would rather text your school for information. That’s why Text Request is so powerful.

We give your staff a compliant and secure way to text with students and parents from your office computers (or any other device). You can even text using your office phone numbers! Take a look at some of our private school texting solutions below to see what Text Request can do for you.


Parents are searching online for answers about your school. Our Click-to-Text and SMS Chat options let them text you straight from your website so they can get those answers ASAP. Also gives you the best way to follow-up with prospects later.

Landline, VOIP Texting

Parents and staff already have your office numbers saved in their phones. Make the transition to texting even easier for them by adding Text Request to your current landline or VOIP numbers. This will not affect voice services.

IT Support

Computers, smartboards, and other technologies have trouble all the time. Resolve issues faster and more easily by texting pictures to tech support. Problems can be fixed even if no one is at their desk to take a call.

Counselor Communications

Guidance and college counselors need to connect with students about deadlines, their performance, and more. Text Request gives them a compliant way to do this from a secure dashboard owned by the school, so students (and your school) can excel.

Updates & Reminders

There’s always something going on that your parents and students need to know about. Text Request’s group (broadcast) messaging makes it easy to get the word out to everyone at once. Any replies come back to you, not the group.

Inbound Communications

Parents and students have questions all the time, and they’d rather text you for answers than call or email. With Text Request they can text your office, and you can respond from your computer.

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