Make getting paid easy.

Request and collect secure payments by text. Track requests and revenue all in one place.


Make getting paid easy.

Request and collect secure payments by text. Track requests and revenue all in one place.

Secure SMS Payments

The smoothest payment experience possible through the channel your customers use most.

Take this to the bank.

Merchant Setup.
Connect your business to one of 200+ payment processors, including the one you already use.
Payment Requests.
Create payment requests that send as texts to customers asking them to pay.
Customers add their payment info via secure portal, then reply with confirmation code to pay. Transactions are processed in real-time.
Request Management.
Track requests as paid and outstanding. Watch your revenue grow as payments come in.


Know who’s paid, who owes, and where you stand at all times.

Full insight to your payments pipeline.

Top level view.
Real-time snapshot of requests made and payments received.
Payment status.
Sent, paid, past due, cancelled. Quickly see what you’ve got and what you need. Paid requests auto-update.
Give customers that extra nudge. Grab their attention immediately to push that payment through.
Contact stats.
Deep dive into a specific contact’s payment history, customer lifetime value, and how likely they are to pay.

Finer Points

Finessed features that make secure payments particularly powerful. And profitable.

Small features, big impact.

Convenience fees.
Optional and customizable. Charge customers a little more to cover transaction fees, if you want.
Reference numbers.
Create your own system for tracking requests or services. Or add in details from other invoicing tools.
Send now or later.
Request payments anywhere you send a text, even schedule requests to send at a later time and date.
Payment confirmations.
Auto-text customers to confirm transactions and provide receipts for their records.
Export data.
Download invoice data for one, many, or all contacts into an editable spreadsheet.

Growth Opportunities

Add texting seamlessly into your daily payment operations and customer experiences.

Take back your time and money.

One-time services.
Skip the checks and direct mail. Get paid as soon as you provide service.
Recurring revenue.
Bill clients regularly through text for easy ongoing payments.
Late payments.
Missed payments, expired credit cards, forgotten bills. Prompt people to pay their balances with a quick text.
Fast cash.
Process payments at the speed of text (in real-time) to improve your cash flow.


Let’s get you paid.

We use Text Request in our collections department to collect past-due premiums. We’ve seen great growth since using Text Request. No matter how big we’ve gotten, Text Request has always met our needs and never disappointed in ROI.”
Sherri Paules, CEO
National Association for Medical & Dental