Text Request user guides and help docs

A quick-step guide to setting up and getting immediate value.
Monitor your account’s usage, update billing info, manage invoices, and change your account plan.
Add Dashboards to your account, learn how to get the most out of each.
Learn about Text Request’s 3 different user permissions levels, and see which is best for each of your users.
Learn how to change and reset your password as needed.
Learn how to create individual signatures and attach them to messages.
Learn how to create and pull reports on tagged messages within Text Request.
The complete guide to your Text Request Messages Menu and the best practices for sending messages.
Learn about adding, editing, and messaging individual and group contacts.
Automatically respond to inbound messages, and create schedules for these autoresponses as needed.
Learn how to get email notifications each time someone sends you a new text message.
Automatically forward messages from Text Request to a cell phone, at a time that works for you.
Send preset messages to keyword subscribers. Build lists automatically to update contacts easily.
Learn how to create and use message tags, along with recommendations from the creators.
Create templates (canned messages) to save time on common communications.
Learn how to activate your voice greeting inside Text Request, what it does, and best practices for using it.
Toggle sound notifications on and off as needed for each user.
Follow this quick guide to change how messages are displayed and sorted in your account.
Learn how to text from any web page - including your email or CRM - using our Chrome extension.
Get answers to the questions most frequently asked by Text Request users.
Learn the differences between types of dashboards, along with which is best for your situation.
Learn the technical and compliance sides of business texting, along with best practices for successful texting.
Learn how to convert images, PDFs, and more into URLs for text messages.
There are a lot of way to use Text Request - here are some tips on things you might not have thought of.
Get step-by-step tips for adding SMS Chat to your site and increasing website engagement while staying on brand.
Learn how to start using our iOS or Android app and take Text Request with you wherever you go.
Connect Text Request with 1,400+ online apps to sync messages, contacts, and more.
Learn how to create app-to-app notifications between Text Request and your applications by creating webhooks.
Use Text Request's APIs to connect SMS and MMS to your other applications.
The ultimate guide to everything you need to know about our Peer to Peer texting solution.
Connect Text Request with MindBody to automatically trigger SMS class reminders.
Connect Text Request with Pipedrive to automatically sync your messages.
Connect Text Request with HubSpot to automatically sync your messages.
Connect Text Request with Clio to automatically send appointment and billing notifications, plus sync messages.
Connect Text Rquest with Constant Contact to automatically sync your contacts.
Connect Text Request with FranConnect to automatically sync your messages.
Connect Text Request with Shift4Shop to send shipping notifications via SMS.
Connect Text Request with Square to automatically sync contact groups and send invoice notifications.
Connect Text Request with SharpSpring to automatically sync your contacts.
Connect Text Request with SugarCRM to automatically sync your messages.
This guide walks you through how to turn your account into a HIPAA compliant one.
Connect Text Request with VoteBuilder to view lists and create new Peer to Peer campaigns from them.