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How to Manage Your Account, Billing, and Usage

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You need a place to keep up with your monthly text usage, update billing information, and manage invoices so you can change your account plan as needed. Below we’ll offer details on how to do all of this in the Account menu.

Note, only Administrators can access the Account menu option. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

How to Manage Account Usage

In the Usage section of the Account menu, you can see when your billing cycle begins and ends. You can also view the amount of texts you have left in your plan for the current billing month, as well as the number of dashboards (or text-lines) and texts sent and received in that same month.  

You can view the usage of individual dashboards by pressing the “View current usage details button” at the bottom of the Usage section. 

It’s best to compare your usage and features to what’s included in your base plan, so you can upgrade or downgrade as needed. 

You can view your base plan, as well as your base monthly charge, in the Plan section.

Directly beneath the Plan section, will be a tab with the specific details of your current plan, including the total amount of texts included, the number of dashboards included, the current features included, and the price you’ll be charged for texts that go over what’s included in your plan.

What counts towards my usage?

Any text sent or received counts towards your total usage. The only exception is texts with Text Request support (423-218-0111), which are free.

A text can contain up to 160 characters. Messages containing more than 160 characters count as multiple texts towards your total usage. To help, there’s a character counter in every Compose a New Message box.

For more details, view our SMS 101 page.

How to Manage Account History (Invoices)

In the Recent Invoices section of the Account menu, you can click the “View invoice history button” to view invoices on all completed billing periods. These invoices also will include any charges for upgrades. 

 For detailed, printable information on specific invoices, you can press the magnifying glass next to the specific billing date you’d like to see.

How to Change Account Type (Upgrade or Downgrade)

  1. Click and open the Manage Plan and Add-on Features section to see a list of all the plans (the plan you are currently on will be highlighted in blue). 
  2. Click and expand any of the other listed plans to view their details. 
  3. Click the green button inside the section labeled Update Your Plan.

*All upgrade charges are immediate, while all downgrades take effect at the beginning of the next billing period.

How to Manage Add-On Features

Add-ons are located in the Plan section of the Account page. An add-on is considered any feature that was not already included in your chosen plan.

To purchase or remove add-on features, press the Manage Plan and Add-on Features button. From that page you can expand your plan to see your add-ons, and purchase or remove them as needed.

Add-ons can be enabled or disabled throughout the billing cycle, but will be billed at the end of the cycle.

How to Change Your Billing Information

  1. Click and expand the Update Credit Card section. 
  2. Enter your new information.
  3. Click the Update Credit Card button at the bottom of the section to save your information.

Only one credit card can be in use at a time.