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Text Request Chrome Extension: The Complete Guide

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Sometimes you want to use Text Request without staying on the Queue or leaving it open in a separate tab. We get that, so we created a Chrome extension to help.

Below we’ll cover what a Chrome extension is, how ours can help you day-to-day, how to use it, and how to get started. If you ever have a question about our Chrome extension, you can refer to this guide.

If you’re ready to install it and go, here’s our Chrome store link (you will need to refresh your browser after installing). For more details, keep reading.


What is a Chrome extension?

Chrome is a web browser made by Google. It’s like Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge - except it works faster, has fewer glitches, and gets better reviews. (Click here to download Chrome if you haven’t already.)

Download Chrome Browser

A Chrome extension is a software program added to your browser that gives new functionality to web pages. Our Chrome extension will let you text from any page on the web, and respond to messages in your Queue. It only takes one click to install.

How does that work? We’ll show you. But first, here’s what you can do with Text Request’s Chrome extension.

What does the Text Request Chrome extension help me accomplish?

Think of this tool as a true extension of Text Request. It won’t replace your dashboard, but it will let you take Text Request with you wherever you go online. You’ll be able to do things like:

  • Text from any web page
  • Check your Queue without going to textrequest.com
  • Get notifications for new messages from any page
  • Click any phone number on any page to start a conversation


Big advantages to using the Chrome extension day-to-day include:

  • Not having to login to app.textrequest.com or keep it open in a tab throughout the day
  • Being able to text contacts directly from your CRM or email (without a formal integration)
  • Fitting texting into your daily rhythm more naturally

That all sounds good, right?

How does Text Request’s Chrome extension work?

Send an Individual Message

There are three ways to send a message using the Chrome extension.

1. Click the Compose Message button: It’s the plus sign in the top left corner. Then enter the contact’s name or number. Type your message. Choose whether to include a signature, saved response, or picture. Click send (the green paper airplane icon) when you’re ready.

Click Compose Message Button in Chrome Extension

Compose a Message

2. Type your reply in the contact’s conversation thread: From the Queue screen, click on any message. At the bottom (in the “Your message” section), type your reply or new message to that contact. Choose whether to include a signature, saved response, or picture. Click send (the green paper airplane icon) when you’re ready.

Reply to Message in Contact Thread

3. Click the green Q by a phone number on a web page: This will open a text to that contact in your Chrome extension. (If it’s a new contact, they will be automatically saved in your Address Book after you text them. See the “Edit a Contact” section below for more.)

Choose whether to include a signature, saved response, or picture. Click send (the green paper airplane icon) when you’re ready.

Phone Number with Green Q

Toggle Between Text Numbers

If you have access to more than one text number, you can toggle between them using the text number dropdown menu at the top of your extension.

Toggle Between Text Numbers

Edit a Contact

Click on a contact to edit and save their info. The two places you’ll see a contact’s name (or phone number, if you haven’t saved them yet) are:

  • In the Queue for the line you’re viewing, and
  • In that contact’s conversation thread

Edit Contact in Text Request Chrome Extension

After clicking on the contact, you can edit their name and email. Be sure to save any changes you want to keep. (You can also use the Email section for quick notes about that contact, like “Caleb’s mom” or “VP Marketing at [Company].”)

Get and Dismiss Notifications

Once logged into the Chrome extension, you will get new message notifications for all text lines you have access to. You will get both badge notifications and toast notifications for new messages, which look like this:

Badge (browser):

Chrome Extension Browser Badge Notification

Badge (text lines):

Text Line Badge Notification


Toast Notification

Badge notifications will disappear whenever you view or refresh the Queue that received a new message. (In most cases, this means the badge will disappear next time you open the extension.) Notifications are not affected by other users’ activity.

Toast notifications will automatically disappear after 10 seconds. You can also click the “X” to make them disappear faster, or click “View message” to open the new message in your extension.

What else should I know about the Chrome extension?

Images: View image attachments by clicking the paperclip icon of a message. Images will open in a new tab. If multiple images were sent in the same email, only the last will open in a new tab. To view the rest, login at app.textrequest.com.

Message Status Icons: Click the icon next to a contact’s name for a status update on your sent message. For more details, view our Message Status Icons page.

Simultype Alerts: If another user starts replying to a message while you’re viewing that conversation, you’ll see that someone else is typing.

Chrome Extension Simultype User Typing Alert

Resolved/Unresolved Messages: You’ll see live updates of users resolving and unresolving messages, but messages will not be re-ordered by resolved/unresolved status until the Queue is refreshed. You can refresh the Queue by viewing another page of the extension, by closing and opening the extension, or by refreshing your web page.

Browser: The Chrome extension will only work on Chrome browsers. It will not work on Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or any others.

Logins: If you use multiple Text Request logins, you cannot be logged into the Chrome extension with one and logged into app.textrequest.com with the other. Logging into a different user account in one place with automatically log you out of the other.

What can I not do with the Text Request Chrome extension?

The Chrome extension is made for you to send and receive messages anywhere on the web. It does not, however, completely replace your main Text Request dashboard (unless you’re a CSR - then it might).

To view, edit, or change any of the following, you’ll need to login at app.textrequest.com:

  • Account (Details, Plan, and Billing)
  • Address Book (Contact lists, Groups, Import/Export)
  • Group Messages
  • Integrations
  • My Profile (Password, Signatures)
  • Settings (Autoresponder, Notifications, Escalation, Tags, Saved Responses, Voice Greeting)
  • Reports
  • Text Numbers (add or remove)
  • Users and Permissions Levels

Again, if you want to do anything with the above list of items, login at app.textrequest.com.

How do I install and start using Text Request’s Chrome extension?

1. You must be using Chrome browser.

2. Click this link to open our extension in the Chrome store.

3. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button in the top right of the screen.

Text Request Chrome Store Extension

4. The extension will be added to your browser. You’ll see Text Request’s green Q icon in the top right corner of your browser.

Green Q Extension Icon

5. Refresh your browser. You can close all browser windows and reopen then, or refresh each tab individually.

6. Click the Q to open the extension. You must be viewing a web page other than app.text.request.com, the Chrome store, or the New Tab default screen.

7. Login with your Text Request username (email) and password.

8. Open and close the extension by clicking the green Q icon.

How do I change the settings on my Text Request Chrome extension?

As you use the Text Request chrome extension, you may want to change things like:

  • Whether or not new messages appear at the top or bottom of the thread
  • Whether or not the Click to Text feature appears on every page your browse

You can do this through the Settings section of the chrome extension, which can be accessed by:

1. Clicking the three dashes icon at the top left-hand corner of the extension.

2. Clicking the Settings button. 


Why can’t I download the extension?

To download our Chrome extension, you must be logged into a Google account. You should be prompted to login or create an account when trying to install the extension. You must also be using Google’s Chrome browser to install the extension.

Why does the extension ask me to login repeatedly?

All Chrome extensions use cookies so they can be active from page to page. If you have blocked third-party cookies, the extension will ask you to login on an endless cycle.

To fix, copy/paste this link (chrome://settings/content/cookies) in your browser address bar, and choose to allow third-party cookies. You'll be able to login without trouble.

How do I send a group message?

The Chrome extension is made for individual texts. To send and manage group messages, please log into your account at app.textrequest.com.

Who has access to Text Request’s Chrome extension?

Anyone with a Text Request account or user login can install and use the Chrome extension.

Why can’t I login to the extension?

You must have a Text Request account or user login to use the extension. To get an account, sign up here. You can reset your password by clicking “forgot password” on the login screen.

My question hasn’t been answered. Help?

We’re happy to help! Contact us:

  • Text or Call: (423) 218-0111
  • Email: support@textrequest.com
  • Live Chat: If on mobile, click the Text Us button. If on desktop, click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.