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Text Request Feature Updates for Customers, January 6, 2020

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January 6, 2020

We've made a lot of internal improvements in this latest release, things that you might not notice at first but that should help you have a better experience with Text Request day-to-day. We've also added new features you'll want to know more about.

You can now:

  • Add pictures to message templates
  • Add pictures to autoresponses
  • Change language options on SMS Chat
  • Earn free Text Request swag (and other perks) through our new Champions program!

Picture Messages in Templates

Customers like you asked for this feature, and now you'v got it! You can create message templates in Text Request, so that you can type a message one time, save it, and send it over and over again.

Now you can also add images to those templates. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Templates
  • Either click Add a Template to create a new one, or click Edit on an existing template
  • Click Browse photos and select an image from your computer (or drag a photo into the Attachment box)
  • Click Save

And you've done it! You can now select this template anytime you send a message using the Templates (folder) icon on your Compose a Message Screen.

Picture Messages in Autoresponses

You can now add images to your autoresponses. You might set an autoresponse when you leave the office for the day, and you might use an image to show a contact who it is that will be following up with them (or to show your logo).

To add an image to your autoresponse, simply click the Browse photos link and choose the appropriate image from your computer. You may also click-and-drag a photo into the Add Attachment box to set your image.

MMS Autoresponder Example

SMS Chat Languages

For many of you, the people you work with mostly speak a language other than English. We still want to make Text Request great for you (and for them), so we've added multiple language options to our SMS Chat widget!

You can now choose between English (default), French, and Spanish. To change your SMS Chat language preference:

  • Go to Integrations (only account Administrators and Managers will be able to access)
  • Find the SMS Chat tile
  • Click "Customize now"
  • Scroll down to Form, and choose your language
  • Click Publish Settings in the top right of the screen to save and update your preferences

SMS Chat Language Options

Champions Program

We know many of you are big fans of Text Request, and we want to reward you for sharing your Text Request experience with others!

Here's a quick video to explain the program and what you can get from it. Also take a look at our Champions page for complete details.


November 24, 2019

We value you as a customer, and want to keep you in the loop on some big updates we just made to our Account menu (Administrator only access), Pricing structure, and Group Messaging.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to text or call us at (423) 218-0111. Keep reading for all the updates, or click a link below to jump to that section.

Account Menu

What’s changed?

We’ve redesigned how your account management screen looks to give you more useful information and make that information easily accessible.

You can still monitor your usage, manage your plan, update your payment information, and view your invoices from the Account menu. Everything is just under the same menu option now.

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What’s New

There’s a handful of new goodies we put into the Account menu, and here are a few we don’t want you to miss.

Usage Snapshot

The graph at the top left of the page gives you a quick insight into your current usage in respect to your plan. This makes it easy to know where you stand for the billing period. Scroll down on the page for a recent usage snapshot, or head over to Reports to deep dive into your usage.

Base Monthly Charge Call Out

The “Current base monthly charge” in the Plan section of the Account menu shows you everything you’re being billed for (except potential text overages). Click "Manage Plan and Add-on Features" if you'd like to make any changes to your plan.


Invoices look better now! And they’re more printer friendly. Just click the magnifying glass next to the billing period you want to view a full breakdown of charges and print the invoice for your own records.

How will it affect you?

These changes shouldn’t impact the way you text, but they should make your trips to the Account menu more effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable.


How do I get my invoice?

Expand the recent invoices section, click on the magnifying glass icon to open an invoice. Older invoices can be found by clicking the “View invoice history” link.


What’s changed?

We have realigned our pricing structure to better reflect the value Text Request offers. This means that after 5 years of not changing our prices, they have gone up slightly and not all features are included with every plan. As always, we remain committed to delivering a high value product at a fair price point.

What’s New

You can head over to the Manage Plan section of the Account menu, or view our public Pricing page, to see exactly how things have changed. Two things we want to note are:

1. All plan upgrades now take effect immediately. So, if you realize on the last day of your billing period that you blew through your plan’s included texts, you can upgrade your account and instantly save!

2. Every feature is no longer available on every plan, but almost all features will be available as add-ons

How will it affect you?

Unless you want or need to change plans, our pricing restructure will have no impact on you.

The only things that will change are:

1. When you want or need to change plans, you will have to move to a plan under the new pricing structure. But, if you choose to stay on your current plan, things will never change for you. We will not force you to upgrade. We’re committed to keeping what you signed up for available to you as long as you’ll have us.

2. Some future features may not be available unless you change plans. New features that are available to all plans will also be available to Legacy plans. If a new feature is not available on Legacy plans, you will have to upgrade to access it.


Will I lose access to features I am currently using?

No, we wouldn’t want that done to us, so we won’t do that to you either. You’ll get to keep all the features you had before we made these updates.

What about future features? Will I get them all?

Future features will be available to you if they’re added to your current plan. Some features will be made available to all plans, others will only be available on higher plans. If a future feature is added to a higher plan, you may have to upgrade to take advantage of it.

Will I ever have to pay more for what I’m currently using?

No, you will not. We won’t make any changes to your current plan. You’ll only have to pay more if you decide to upgrade your account.

How do add-on features work?

Add-on features can be added to your current plan for a small additional charge. They’re a great option for when you want a specific feature or two, but it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade your account.

Group Messaging

What’s changed?

Group messaging (including the Compose a Group Message and the Group Message Details screens) has been redesigned to make group messaging easier to use, and to set the stage for a lot of great improvements to group messaging down the road.

We also moved Group Merge Messaging to a button at the top of the group messages page—directly next to New Group Message—so it’s easier and faster to access.

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What’s New

Group Messaging now features a SPAM Scanner. Next time you send a group message, you’ll notice that we scan your message for carrier spam filter indicators, and alert you of our findings. This should help you improve delivery rates by avoiding spam filters, and increase engagement with your messages. That’s a win-win!

How will it affect you?

The SPAM Scanner should help you send better messages and increase engagement. Other than that, things will look a little different, but that’s all.


What will trigger the SPAM Scanner?

The SPAM Scanner looks for things that carriers tend to view as indicators of spam so that you can stay on top of your messages and improve delivery rates. 

The SPAM Scanner specifically looks for:

  • The use of ALL CAPS
  • Ending a message with a URL/link
  • Including a long link instead of a short link (https://www.textrequest.com instead of bit.ly/1Sw1JKH)
  • The use of dollar signs
  • Email addresses

Can I send a group message even if I trigger the SPAM Scanner?

Yes, the SPAM scanner is there to help you, but you’re free to ignore it.

The link to create a Merge Message has moved. Where did it go?

You can find the New Merge Message link at the top of the Group Messages page.