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How and When to Use Escalation

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Most people expect a response to their message within a few minutes, but sometimes things come up. You can't always respond immediately. 

Escalations notify you if a text isn’t resolved after a specific amount of time has passed. The notification comes as a message from your dashboard to your personal cell phone, so you can see which text needs to be answered.

Below we’ll cover how escalation works, how to turn it on and off, and recommendations for using it effectively.

Note, only Administrators and Managers can access Escalation. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

What does escalation do?

Escalation automatically forwards messages to a user’s cell phone. Messages are forwarded when left unresolved for a specified amount of time. You choose how long to wait before messages are forwarded. (For details on unresolved messages, view our Main Dashboard page.)

How to Turn Escalation On

  1. Go to Escalation under your Settings menu, and click Enable Escalation.
  2. Enter the cell phone number you’d like messages to be forwarded to.
  3. Enter the number of minutes you’d like to wait before forwarding unresolved messages (e.g. 5 or 10 minutes).
  4. Click Save.

How to Turn Escalation Off

  1. Go to Escalation under your Settings menu option.
  2. Click Disable Escalation.

Some Extra Tips

Escalation only works for the text number it was set up under. If you have multiple text numbers under your account, you will need to turn on escalation for each.

Messages are escalated from your Text Request text number. That means any replies will go back to your text number, not the original sender of the message. To reply directly to the sender, login to your account and respond from the dashboard.

Not all escalated messages have been neglected. It can take time to gather information needed to respond, or a message might not warrant a response. So it’s always good to check the message before jumping to conclusions.