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Find answers to the questions most frequently asked by Text Request users.


Where do incoming texts go?

Incoming (inbound) messages come to your Queue, inside Text Request. If you have multiple lines on your account, the message will show in the Queue of the line to which it was sent. You can also access your Queue through our iOS and Android apps, use Escalation to automatically forward messages from your Queue to your cell phone, or turn on Email Notifications to get an email every time you get a text.

Can I send picture messages with Text Request?

Yes! You can send and receive JPEG, PNG, and GIF images up to 5MB in size. Note: Toll-free numbers cannot send or receive picture messages. However, you cannot send pictures in group messages. For more details, view our Image Links page.

Can I automate messages in Text Request?

Yes, and there are a few options. For triggered messages or automated notifications, connect Text Request with your CRM using our APIs. With our Scheduled Autoresponder, you can set automatic replies to go out at various times and days (e.g. during lunch or after hours). If you create a Keyword, the keyword response you create will automatically send when a contact subscribes to that keyword. You can also Schedule Messages to go out at a later time and date. Lastly, an opt out (STOP) message sends automatically to any contact the first time you text them, which helps keep everyone compliant.

How will I know when someone texts me?

In your dashboard, the browser tab will flash “New Message,” and you’ll hear a notification tone (if your sound is on). Other options include push notifications using our iOS or Android apps, Escalation, which will automatically forward messages to your cell phone, and Email Notifications, which will send you an email every time a new message comes in.

How do I know if my message went through?

Every message you send has a Message Status Icon letting you know if and when the message went through. Group messages will show in the Group Queue. If you do not see your message in either Queue, check that you’re viewing the right Text Number. If you still do not see your message, it’s possible the user did not click Send. If you still have questions, please contact us.

Can I reply to an escalated message?

Yes and no. Escalation forwards messages from your Queue to a cell phone. You can reply to the message, but it will just go back to your Queue. To reply to the original sender, you’ll need to login to your Queue or open your Text Request app.

What counts as one text message (towards my monthly total)?

Any text in or out counts towards your monthly total, except for messages with Text Request Support (423-218-0111). A single text can hold up to 160 characters. Messages over 160 characters count as multiple texts. Escalated messages, STOP messages, sent messages, and received messages all count towards your monthly total.

How do I add a signature to my messages?

First, you need to create a Signature under My Profile. Second, when composing a message (group or individual), check the box saying “Include auto-signature,” and select your preferred signature from the dropdown menu.

What is the STOP message, and how does it work?

For compliance, every contact you text must be "made aware" that they can opt out of messages from your text number. Our STOP message accomplishes this (and makes things easier for everyone). The message is "Text STOP to opt out" and automatically accompanies the first text you send to a contact. The STOP message only sends to a contact once. If it will fit, Text Request automatically includes the STOP message inside your original text to that contact. However, if it does not fit, it will send as a separate message. To ensure the STOP message fits, keep your text to 138 characters or fewer. For more details, view our SMS 101 guide.

Account Setup

Does Text Request integrate with my CRM?

Yes! Between our REST API, webhooks, Chrome extension, Zapier integrations, and website Click-to-Text tracking, we can connect with most technologies. For more details, view our API and Integrations pages.

Can I add Text Request to my current business number?

Yes - in most cases. To see if your number is eligible, view our Landline Texting page.

How many users can we have on one Text Request account?

All accounts can add unlimited users at no extra charge!

How many text lines can we have on one account?

As many as you want! You just pay a few bucks for each additional line, based on your current plan. For more details, view our Pricing page.

I added a new user. Why don’t I see them?

Users are added on a per text line basis. If you have multiple text lines, be sure to give that new user access to all lines you want them to have access to. If you still have trouble after double checking, contact us.

How do I get Click-to-Text on my website?

All you have to do is add a small piece of code to your website (or have your webmaster do it for you). For more details, view our Click-to-Text guide.

Why can’t I see one of our menu options?

Chances are, your User Permissions level doesn’t give you access to that menu option. Review our User Permissions levels, and contact your account’s Administrator (likely the person who created the account) about upgrading your permissions level if needed.

How does text enabling my current business number work?

Every phone number has two parts: voice and SMS. All phone numbers use the voice portion, but few use the SMS portion. So Text Request claims the phone number’s “SPID,” which routes SMS through the Text Request dashboard. This way, nothing changes to your voice services, and we’re able to add our full texting suite to your current business number! To see if your current business number is eligible, view our Landline Texting page.

How do I turn off sound notifications?

Sound notifications can be turned on and off under the Preferences tab of your My Profile menu option. Sound notifications work on a per user basis, so changing yours will not affect other users on the account. For more details, view our Sound Notifications page.

How do tags work?

Tags allow you to easily identify and sort messages based on the labels (tags) you give them. You can create tags under Settings, pull reports on those tags under Reports, and add tags to individual messages. For more details and best practices, view our Tags guide.

Billing and Usage

Do we have to pay monthly, or can we pay at different intervals?

Text Request bills accounts month-to-month. However, if a different payment plan would work better, we can probably work something out. Contact us to talk about it.

How am I billed?

All accounts are billed on the monthly anniversary of their purchase date. Base plan charges are billed for the month ahead. Any extras (additional texts, text numbers, and keywords) are billed at the end of the billing cycle / start of the next. For more details, view our Account page.

What happens if I go over my monthly allotment of text messages?

You simply pay for what you use. There are no caps on usage, and there are no penalties for using more than what’s included in your base plan. You’ll just pay your plan's per text rate for each additional message. See our Pricing page for more details.

How do I get an invoice?

Go to your Account menu option, and click on the History tab to see all invoices. Note: Only Administrators have access to this menu option. For more details, view our User Permissions and Account pages.

How do I change my credit card info?

Go to your Account menu option, and click the Account tab to change your credit card info. Note: Only Administrators have access to this menu option, though all users will see a notice to update credit card information when your card expires. For more details, view our User Permissions and Account pages.

How do I change plans?

Go to your Account menu option, and click on the Account tab to change your plan. Updates take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. For more details, view our Account page, or contact us for help deciding which plan is best for you.

How do I know when it’s time to change plans?

Our rule of thumb is to upgrade when you double your current plan’s base messages, and to downgrade if you use less than 75% of your current base plan's messages. Several other factors go into making the best decision, though. For more details, view our Upgrade Account page.


If I send a group message, does everyone see everyone else and their replies?

Our group messaging works like a BCC email. You can send a message to as many people as you want, and no one can know who else got the message. All replies come directly back to you, not the group. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing other people’s information, or creating an annoying group thread.

How many people can I add to a group or group message?

Groups and group messages can be as big as you want. However, to ensure your messages make it to each person (and do not get blocked by mobile carriers), group messages send at a rate of about 500 messages per hour. For more details, view our Compliant Texting page.

How long does it take group messages to send?

Groups with 50 or fewer contacts will send almost instantly. For groups with more than 50 contacts, we stagger sending over time. This helps your phone number remain reputable with mobile carriers, and keeps it from being “blacklisted” as a spammer. Larger groups send at a rate of about 500 messages an hour. For more details, view our Group Messaging page.

Can I upload contacts directly into a group?

Yes! Create the group first under the Groups tab of your Contacts menu option. Click on that group, and select the Upload Group List Items button. For more on importing contacts, view our Import / Export guide.


How do I delete or archive a contact?

Contacts cannot be deleted from Text Request, for compliance. However, any contact can be archived, which will hide them from your Queue, Address Book, and Search, and remove them from any groups they were part of. For more details, view our Archiving Contacts page.

Why won’t my contacts spreadsheet upload?

You need to make sure you’re uploading a .CSV (Comma Delimited) file. It must contain no headers, no commas, and use 3 columns containing phone numbers, names, and emails. For step-by-step details, view our Import / Export guide.


Is my customers’ information safe?

Yes! Our security is top notch, and we’re continually monitoring security activity. Even we won’t see what’s in your account!

What if someone texts us when we’re not available (e.g. after hours)?

That’s where Autoresponder helps. You can schedule certain automated responses for different times, like during lunch breaks or on the weekends. This way, people who text in when you aren’t available still get a quick response, and details about when you’ll follow up with them. Set your Autoresponder under your Settings menu option.

What happens if someone calls my Text Request number?

If you’ve added Text Request to your current business number, calls will come through the same way they always have. If you’ve gotten a text-only number from us, you can turn on your Voice Greeting under Settings. This lets accidental callers know they’ve called a text-only number, and gives them another number to call should they still wish to call you.

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