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How to Add and Remove Individual Contacts in Groups

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You can add and remove contacts inside groups as needed, whether the group was created for a keyword or for sending normal group messages.

Below we’ll show you how to add individual contacts to a group, how to remove contacts from a group, and offer general recommendations for managing group contacts.

For details on adding multiple contacts at a time, view our Importing Contacts page.

Manually Adding and Removing Individual Contacts in Groups

There are 2 ways to manually add and remove contacts in groups.

From the Group Page

To Add:

  1. Go to Groups under your Contacts menu option, and select the group you’d like to add a contact to. If you don’t have any groups yet, view our Creating Groups page.
  2. Go to the “Add contacts to group” section, and enter the contact’s name or number in the search bar.
  3. Choose the contact from the auto-fill suggestions to add them to the group.

To Remove:

  1. Enter the contact’s name in the filter bar, or scroll down to locate the contact.
  2. Click Remove on the right side of the contact’s information to remove the contact from the group.

From the Contact Details Box

You can get to a contact’s details box from either Conversations, Address Book, Group Message Details screen, or a their message thread. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the contact (name or number) to see their details box.
  2. Note which groups they already belong to.
  3. Click Edit Group Membership.
  4. Click Add next to any group you’d like to add them to. You can also remove a contact from any groups from this same screen.

Automatically Adding and Removing Contacts (Subscribers and Opt Outs)

If you’ve created a keyword, and a person texts in your keyword (existing contact or not), they will be automatically added to that keyword’s group. If a contact unsubscribes from a keyword, they will be automatically removed from that keyword’s group.

For more details, view our Keywords page.

If a contact opts out of all messages from your number (i.e. texts “STOP”), they will be automatically archived and removed from all groups. For more details, view our Individual Contacts page.