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How to Create and Delete Groups

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A group is essentially a saved collection of contacts. In Text Request, you can create as many groups as you want, and each group can hold as many contacts as you’d like.

Below we’ll cover how to create groups, and how to delete them. Note, only Administrators and Managers can create and delete groups. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

How to Create a Group

  1. Go to Groups under your Contacts menu option.
  2. Click Add New Group.
  3. Give the group a name (e.g. Tuesday Appointments, Clients 10-5-2017), and Save.

For details on adding contacts to a group, view our Group Contacts page or our Import/Export Guide.

Remember that groups are only associated with the text number they were created under. If you have multiple text numbers in your Text Request account, you’ll need to create groups for each number. For more details, view our Text Numbers page.

How to Delete a Group

  1. Go to Groups under your Contacts menu option.
  2. Click on the group you want to delete.
  3. Click the red Delete button at the bottom of the page, and confirm.

Deleting a group does not delete its contacts from your Address Book. For more details, view our Individual Contacts page.