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How to Import and Export Contacts

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If you need to add a lot of contacts into Text Request, importing a list of them will be much easier than individually adding every contact. (For details on adding individual contacts, view our Adding and Editing Contacts and Group Contacts pages.)

Below we’ll cover how to upload lists of contacts into your Address Book, how to upload contacts directly into a group, and how to export contacts from both places.

Two things to note:

  1. Only Administrators and Managers can access Contacts. For more details, view our User Permissions page.
  2. Imported contacts are only saved under the text number to which they were uploaded. If you’d like to add the same contacts to all your text numbers, follow the steps below for each text number. For more details, view our Text Numbers and Individual Contacts pages.

How to Import Contacts into Your Address Book

To upload (import) contacts into Text Request, you have to use a .CSV (Comma Delimited) file.

If your contacts are currently in an Excel Workbook or Google Sheet, you can choose to Export or Download that file as a CSV (Comma Delimited) file. Be sure all hidden columns and rows are removed before downloading.

Now you just need to make sure your CSV is properly formatted. Follow these guidelines:

Formatting Your CSV

  • Remove all headings (including hidden rows and columns).
  • Place contacts’ 10- or 11-digit phone numbers in Column A (any format will work).
  • Place contacts’ names in Column B.
  • Place additional details in Column C (many people include email addresses, or the contact’s company).
  • Remove all commas.

While column A is required to import contacts, columns B and C are not. They can be left blank, if that’s what you want.

To find and remove any commas from your list, press Ctrl + F, and use the Replace tab/option. Replace commas (",") with either nothing or a space to remove commas from your list.


Formula for combining columns: =C2&" "&D2

Once your list of contacts is properly formatted, follow these steps to upload the list into your Address Book.

Uploading Contacts to Address Book

  1. Go Import/Export under your Contacts menu option.
  2. Click the Import Contacts button.
  3. Choose your contacts CSV file.

Any duplicate contacts will be automatically removed from your list during upload. If you upload existing (already saved) phone numbers with different names or email addresses (i.e. different values in columns B and C), those values will be overwritten upon upload.

How to Upload Contacts Directly to a Group

First, you need to create the group you’d like to upload contacts to. For details on creating groups, view our Creating Groups page.

The same CSV formatting guidelines given above apply here, too. To upload a list of contacts directly to a Group:

  1. Go to Groups under your Contacts menu option.
  2. Select the Group you want Contacts uploaded to.
  3. Click the Upload Group List Items button towards the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose the the file you want to upload.

How to Export Contacts

To export the contacts of a particular group, select that group from your Groups list, and click the Download Group List button towards the bottom of the page.

To export a list of all contacts in your text number’s Address Book, go to Import/Export, decide whether to include archived contacts, and click the Export Contacts button.

When to Include Archived Contacts

In most cases, archived contacts are ones you will never have contact with again. Accordingly, you will most often not want to include them in your export. However, if there’s any reason you might want to include them, the option is there. For more details, view our Archived Contacts page.