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Text Request Mobile App User Guide (Android & iOS)

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You can login to Text Request from any device, but our new iOS and Android mobile apps make it even easier to handle text messages on the go. If you’re viewing this page on a smartphone or tablet:

In the user guide below, we’ll walk through the steps to use the Text Request mobile app day-to-day.

Getting Started

Go to the Apple or Android app store to download the app. Open the app on your phone. Enter your login credentials (Use the same email and password you would for the desktop version or Chrome extension.

The app will now open to your Queue, and ask for permission to send you notifications. You need to agree to receiving notifications, or you won’t know when new messages come in.

Intro to Your Mobile Queue

There are five things you’ll see here.

  • Conversation Blocks
  • Compose a New Message Button
  • Change Text Numbers (Toggle Dashboards)
  • Which Number (Dashboard) You’re Currently Viewing
  • Menu Options

Mobile App Queue Highlights

1. Conversation Blocks

Like in the desktop version of Text Request, you’ll see your most recent conversations listed. Unresolved messages will filter to the top of the Queue. In the conversation block you’ll see:

  • The contact you’re texting with
  • The delivery status of the your last sent message (if applicable)
  • Which Text Request user sent the most recent message (if applicable)
  • The timestamp of the last message
  • The Resolved/Unresolved button
  • An image attachment paperclip icon (if applicable)

As always, you can click on the conversation block to view your message history with that contact, or to send them a text.

To reply to a message, click on the conversation block and use the “Your message…” bar at the bottom.

Mobile App Message History

2. Compose a New Message Button

To compose a new message in the mobile app, click on the green circle with a white plus sign. This will open a new blank message.

Mobile App Compose New Message

In the Recipient bar, begin typing the name or phone number of any saved contact. As you type, suggestions will appear. When shown, select the appropriate contact.

If you’re sending a message to a new contact, type their full phone number and then select the number from the suggestions.

Mobile App New Message Contact Suggestions

Next, type your message. You can add a picture to your message by clicking on the camera icon. You can choose a saved response by clicking on the 3-lines icon. And you can add or edit your signature by clicking the pencil icon.

Note: If a signature is chosen (or auto-signature is on), the pencil will be blue.

As you type, the character counter will show you how long your message is, and how many texts will be sent (For more details, view our SMS 101 guide.)

When ready, click the green airplane to send your message. Please note, you cannot send group messages in the mobile app. You will need to login online to do so (which you can still do from your phone’s browser).

3. Change Text Numbers (Toggle Dashboards)

Every text number under your account gives you another entire dashboard. If you have access to multiple dashboards, you can move between them by clicking on the phone icon in the top left corner of the app.

Mobile App Change Lines

All of the numbers you have access to will slide out in a “drawer.” Click on the number you wish to view. You will see the name of text number you’re currently viewing in the middle of the Queue header bar (see #4).

4. Which Number (Dashboard) You’re Currently Viewing

In the middle of the blue Queue header bar, you will see the name of the text number (dashboard) you are currently viewing. To switch to a different text number, click the phone icon in the top left corner (see #3).

5. Menu Options

Clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner of the app will show your menu options. At the moment, the options are to search for saved contacts and to logout.

How to Send a Text in the Mobile App

You have three options.

  1. You can click the green button in the Queue to compose a new message. (See “1. Compose a New Message Button.”)
  2. From the Queue, click on a contact’s conversation block. This will take you to that contact’s message history, from where you can send them a text.
  3. You can click on Menu > Search Contacts, type the contact’s name or phone number, and select the contact from the suggestions given. This will also take you to the contact’s message history, from where you can text them.

Please note, you cannot send group messages in the mobile app. You will need to login online to do so (which you can still do from your phone’s browser).

How to Add a New Contact in the Mobile App

To add a new contact, first send the contact a message. Click the compose message button, enter their number, send the text. This will add the contact to your Address Book, but you probably want to give this contact a name.

Once you’re back in your Queue, click on the message you just sent (i.e. click on that new contact’s conversation block). Now click the phone number at the top. This will open up the contact details, where you can add the contact’s name (and email, if you want).

Mobile App Contact Details

Click on the menu button in the top corner of the app. Click Search Contacts. Begin typing the contact’s name or phone number in the search bar. When the right contact appears in the suggestions, click it. This will take you to that contact’s message history.

How to Change Lines in the Mobile App

Note which line you are currently viewing by looking at the header bar in your app’s Queue. To change lines, click on the phone icon in the top left corner, and select the text line you wish to view. You will be moved to that line’s dashboard (Queue), and now see its name in the header.

Mobile App Notifications

When notifications are turned on, you will receive a push notification for every new message that comes into a line you have access to. Click on the push notification to view the message in your Text Request app. You will also get a sound notification.

Mobile App Push Notifications

You can change your notifications settings at any time by going to the Text Request app under your mobile device’s Settings.

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