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How to Filter and Search for Contacts in Your Address Book

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Every contact you’ve sent a text to and every contact you've gotten a text from is recorded in your Address Book. Below we’ll show you how to filter and search these contacts easily.

Two things to note:

  1. Address Book records all contacts associated with a single text number. So if your account has multiple text numbers, you will have multiple Address Books, each with its own set of contacts. For more details, view our Text Numbers page.
  2. Only Administrators and Managers can access an Address Book. For more details, view our User Permissions page.

How to Filter and Search for Contacts in Your Address Book

Go to the Address Book under your Contacts menu option. From here, you can start sifting through your contacts (which are listed alphabetically; contacts without names are shown last), but it will be easier to use the Contacts Filter.

There are four filters to choose from:

  1. Active Contacts: This is the default filter, and shows all contacts who have not been archived or unsubscribed.
  2. Archived Contacts: This filter shows contacts who have either been manually archived or have unsubscribed (because unsubscribed contacts are automatically archived). For more details, view our Archived Contacts page.
  3. Unsubscribed Contacts: This filter shows contacts who have opted out of all messages from you (i.e. replied “STOP”).
  4. All Contacts: This filter shows all contacts in your Address Book, including unsubscribed and archived contacts.

To search your contacts, choose a filter, and type the contact’s name or number in the search bar. Click Filter, and you’ll see all contacts who match your search.

From the Address Book, you can also:

  • Edit a contact’s details by clicking on their phone number
  • View a contact’s message history by clicking Messages
  • Send that contact a message by clicking Compose
  • Archive or unarchive a contact by clicking the respective Archive or Unarchive button