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SMS Chat with Google Tag Manager

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The Text Request SMS Chat widget is a powerful inbound lead generation tool. It's simple to install - all you need to do is copy and paste a Javascript snippet into your website's template. But occasionally you don't have the ability to easily alter your website's code and need to add SMS Chat via Google Tag Manager. This article will show you how. 

Step 1: Get your SMS Chat widget code

Click here for detailed instructions on how to find your SMS Chat widget code. Your SMS Chat widget code will look like this

 Step 2: Set up your tag in Google Tag Manager

First, add a new Custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager. For the HTML, you'll need to use the following code

Make sure that you replace the accountid and chatid in the above snippet with the accountid and chatid from your SMS Chat widget code from step 1. 

Finally, choose a Trigger of DOM Ready. This will ensure that the SMS Chat widget creation code fires every time that a page on your site is loaded. 

Step 3: Save and Publish

Save this new tag and publish your changes. When you load a new page on your website, you should see the Text Request SMS Chat icon in the lower right corner of your page.