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How to Turn New Message Sound Notifications On and Off

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Sound notifications are good, because they alert you to new messages, even if you aren’t currently focused on your Text Request account. Every time a new messages comes into your Queue, a sound notification chimes to let you know there’s something new in need of your attention.

Sound notifications work on a per-user basis. If you have them turned on, you’re telling Text Request you want to be notified of new messages. Thus, the notification will continue to chime until you either click on the page, reply to the message, or turn sound notifications off.

If another user resolves the message or has their sound notifications turned off, you will continue to be notified.

The sound notification will chime every 30 seconds until you click on the page or turn sound notifications off. (Note: Your computer volume has to be turned on to hear notifications.)

Sound notifications will only chime if you’re viewing the Queue - or have the Queue open in another browser tab - when a new message comes in. If you are viewing another page of your Text Request account, a badge notification will appear in your text line drop down menu instead.

Sound notifications only chime for the text line you are currently viewing. If a new message comes in to a different line under your account, a badge notification will appear in your text line drop down menu. For more details, view our Changing Lines page.

To make a sound notification stop chiming, click anywhere on the page. For instance, you can click on the new message, or click the empty space next to the Compose message button. This will also turn off your browser tab alert, which flashes NEW MESSAGE in conjunction with your sound notification.

We recommend keeping sound notifications turned on, but if you’d like to turn them off, you can. Here’s how:

  1. Open your user profile, which is the circle icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit Profile button.
  3. Under the Preferences tab click Sound Notifications to Off.

To turn sound notifications back on, click Active.

Sound notification preferences work on a per-user basis. Turning yours on or off will not affect other users on the account. If sound notifications are turned off, you will not receive new message sound alerts for any line you have access to. If they are turned on, you will receive alerts on all lines.

If you’d like to learn about other notification options, see our Escalation and Email Notifications pages.