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How to Build Targeted Groups "As You Go"

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You want to send a group message to a specific set of your contacts - people who live in a certain area, for instance, or who've bought certain products.

The problem is that when you're ready to send the message, your contacts aren't organized the way you want. So you spend all this unexpected time sorting through contacts to build targeted groups.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The quick tip video below shows you how to organize your contacts into groups as new messages come in, so that you're always ready to send targeted messages whenever you might want or need to.

There's also a transcript beneath the video.

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I'm so excited.

I have another tip!

Today's tip is build your groups as you go

If we're trying to make sure everyone's in the right group when it's time to send the group message, it creates a lot of undue stress. So build your groups as you go. Here's what that means.

Perhaps you have your customer base segmented into geographical regions. (Maybe you don't, maybe you do.) And when you have new customers come on board, you need to add them into one of those regions.

The problem is you forget to do it as you go, so when it comes time to send a promotion to that region, you're left scrambling trying to make sure you have all the new people in the right group. It doesn't have to be like that.

Build your groups as you go. Here's what we mean.

You're in Text Request. I'm going to assume you've already created your group. Good job, way to go.

So, you get a new message. And you click on the contact's name, and you say they're not in any groups, and I know where they're located. So I'm going to:

  1. Click on over to Edit Group Membership
  2. Pick the group they belong to
  3. And add them in

It's that simple. And you're done.

You just do that as people text in, and before you know it you're going to have a real big group ready for a group message.

Easy peasy.

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