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How to Schedule Follow-Up Texts for Sales

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In almost any role for any kind of company or organization, you're going to have to follow up with people. Someone's interested, for example, but they're swamped and want you to reach out again down the road.

Text Request makes this easy.

With scheduled messages, you can follow up with with everyone you need whenever you need - without stress or adding another thing to your to-do list. The quick tip video below shows you how. There's also a transcript beneath it.

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Hey there, I'm Matt. Today, I'm bringing you a quick tip... I should have some theme music...

So, quick tip of the day: If you've ever done any kind of sales, you know that follow-ups are necessary - and the worst. But we can help.

You've probably gotten, at some point, a message something like this:

No decision yet. We hope to make our decision by the end of the month.

Okay, they're putting it off, sure. When you get a text like this, obviously you're going to respond really quickly and say:

No problem. Let me know if you have any questions.

You're going to send that out. But now what? You've still got to follow up at the end of the month.

Instead of trying to remember, or putting it in your CRM, or tasking yourself 17 different ways, just go ahead and right now, in your workflow, schedule a message to them.


  1. Open up your message.
  2. Click Advanced Options.
  3. Scroll down here to Schedule.

They said "end of the month," so we'll go with the 30th. That's pretty much the end of the month. 10am seems like a good time. If I know them they'll probably get that. They might not remember who I am, so I'll include my signature.

Then I'll just type them something like:

Hi, just wanted to follow up. It's the end of the month and I wanted to see if you had made a decision.

Real simple. And then you just schedule that. And now you don't have to worry about following up!

If you're ever wondering Hey, now what? How do I cancel that, how do I stop that?

Real simple. Go to your Scheduled Messages. You can cancel it right there. You'll also always see it in the contact's thread, so, super simple.

Well, that was a quick tip! Hope it was helpful.

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