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An online software for staffing agencies to text employees and fill jobs faster.

You have to get your employees the work they need, track hours, and more. But calling and emailing doesn't work! Save hours a day while placing more employees with Text Request. Schedule your demo to see how it works.

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You have to communicate with thousands of employees. With Text Request you can communicate with all your employees instantly and get responses in minutes! That saves you hours a day from calling and emailing, because you're able to consistently reach everyone through text. You can do a lot more through Text Request, too. Take a look at some of our text messaging solutions for staffing agencies!

Group Announcements

With unlimited group sizes, you can text one message to as many employees as you want. Create or upload lists of employees, and text them whenever there's a new job opportunity. The first to respond get the job. Replies come back to you, not the group.

Lead Generation

Our Click-to-Text buttons work with your Google Ads and website so that prospects can just click a button to text you. This is effective because most online traffic now comes from mobile devices. Our SMS Chat widget also lets prospects text you from both your desktop and mobile websites.

Applicant Vetting

Applicants can text you pictures of their resumes so your team can easily vet their skills and abilities. Our text messaging for staff employees also gives you the ability to text links to employee portals and more.

Online Reviews

The staffing agency with the most 5-star online reviews is the one prospects will reach out to most. Earn more online reviews with less effort by texting review links to employees you've helped and businesses you've served.

Tracking Hours

Text Request makes it easy to keep up with the hours each of your employees worked. Just have them text you their time sheet for the day or week. Those messages can even be automatically added to your applicant tracking system through one of our integrations.

ATS Integrations

Our texting for staff employees gives you the power to reach all your employees instantly. But it's even better when those texts are automatically added to your current applicant tracking system. Between our Zapier integration and extensive APIs, Text Request can easily fit into your day-to-day.

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