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Vacation Rentals

Business text messaging solutions for vacation rental companies.

You need to help clients create their ideal vacations, but they don’t answer your calls or emails! Schedule your Text Request demo to see how we’ll help you book more rentals while saving you time.

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It takes a lot of communication to learn what guests want and to plan the perfect vacation rental for them. The problem is they don’t answer your phone calls or respond to emails!

Text Request has tailored text messaging solutions to help you generate more leads, get faster responses, and book more trips—all while saving you time and hassle. Check out below!

Lead Generation

Guests are searching for your services online and they’d rather text you than call or fill out a form. Our SMS Chat makes sure those website visitors convert by letting them text your office directly from your website! Proven to increase leads and sales.

Sales Follow-up

Stop playing phone tag and start closing deals. Text prospects to confirm details and get responses in just 90 seconds on average! Use tools like auto-responses and scheduled messages to make your agents even more effective.

Online Reviews

Clients want to work with rental companies they can trust, and they use online reviews to judge that. Increase your online reviews by up to 600% when you ask for reviews through Text Request.


Re-engage past guests by texting specials and discounts. Send as many personalize texts at once as you need, and book more stays. Even include pictures to entice travellers.

Landline, VOIP Texting

Text from your computer or smartphone using your office phone numbers (landline, VOIP, or toll-free). Add as many lines to one account as you need!

Team-Friendly Texting

All your agents can text from one account (we offer unlimited users). Between typing notices, name stamps, and other features, you’ll always know who’s handling a conversation.

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