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Text Request is cost-effective, and their plans allow our credit union to only pay for what we need.

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Text Request is significantly more user-friendly than the other options we looked at.


I had to find a replacement for Zipwhip, so our credit union wouldn’t fall behind.

The University of Toledo FCU serves UT faculty, staff, students, physicians, Alumni Association members, and their families. My team was subscribed to Zipwhip before I joined, and it was up to me to find a replacement when Zipwhip announced they were shutting down. I wanted a simple and easy solution, which is exactly what Text Request provides. There were a couple other platforms we looked at, but Text Request was the best fit for us. It’s significantly more user-friendly than the other options we looked at, plus it was one of the few with a mobile app.



The mobile app helps me reach clients with the snap of a finger.

My goal is to keep past due payments low, and I do that by nudging clients. Clients prefer to receive these nudges as text messages, especially within the younger generations we’re starting to serve more. It’s so much quicker for them to look at their phone and see my message, than to dig through their voicemail or email inbox.

Once I get a client’s attention with a text message, we schedule a more formal call to discuss how to best tackle their financial goals. The Message Templates feature makes this process quick and consistent. I then handle any of their responses using the mobile app.

Our response rates are 70% higher with text messaging.”
Tim McGrady, Collections Manager
University of Toledo FCU


Text Request’s Migration Tool transferred all our Zipwhip data in just one day.

The migration to Text Request was seamless. Audrey from the Success team made sure I had everything I needed, and we knocked out the entire switch together in just one day. All I had to do was enter our Zipwhip password and username into the Migration Tool, which was nothing. Text Request is more cost-effective and their plans allow our credit union to only pay for what we need. We’re saving significantly more money because of that.


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