Tools for messaging and more.

Text messaging features crafted to move your business forward, wherever you work, whenever you need to connect.

Business Texting Features from Text Request Business Texting Features from Text Request

Tools for messaging and more.


Major Texting Features

Some of our biggest texting tools designed to save you time, hit your goals, and make more money.
Text Request Major Texting Features

Messaging features powerful enough to stand alone—and make you stand out.

SMS Chat.
Spark profitable conversations straight from your website with our live chat widget for texting, and collect contact info to follow-up once they leave your site.
Mass Texting.
BCC group messaging to connect with any or all of your contacts instantly. No one sees who else is in the group, all replies come back to you.
Request and collect secure payments through SMS, and manage it all in one place. Bring your own payment processor, or use ours.
Connect your Google and Facebook business profiles. Request, track, and reply to online reviews, so you can get more reviews and win more customers.
API and Integrations.
Connect Text Request to the software you already use. Use one of our out-of-the-box integrations, or create your own with our API and webhooks.

More Messaging Features

These features may not make headlines, but they sure make work easier.

Texting designed for business.

Create custom signatures for your company and each user, so customers and other contacts always know who they’re talking to.
MMS and Attachments.
Send and receive pictures and PDFs to keep work flowing and create more engaging communications.
Message Templates.
Need to share regular updates or respond to common questions? Type your message once and save it for all users to send over and over again.
Merge Fields.
Personalize your messages with ease by dynamically pulling in individual contact data based on your Custom Fields (more details under Contacts).
Location Tracking.
Request location from any contact, and get their exact location—complete with interactive map.
Message Scheduling.
Type a message now, and schedule it to send anytime you need.
Text Request Messaging Features
Msg Mgm

Account Management

See why customers consistently rank us the #1 easiest texting service to use for business.
Text Request Account Management

Stress-free management, so you can focus on customers.

User Management.
Add users with different permissions levels, and see everyone’s interactions across your dashboard.
Billing and Usage.
Always know where you stand, download invoices, and upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.
Pull and download data so you can deep dive into your messaging, or share reports with others.
10DLC Registration.
Manage text line registrations with mobile carriers for verified message delivery. Don’t worry, we handle most of this for you.
Multiple Dashboards.
1 Dashboard = 1 Text Line. Add multiple dashboards to your account. Manage users, contacts, settings, and more across each—all in one convenient place.
Contact Mgm

Contact Management

Organize and analyze contacts anytime you need, however is best for your business.
Text Request Contact Management

Customer data that’s actually clear.

Import and Export.
Upload and download your contacts and their data at any time, with no limits.
Group Management.
Add contacts to different lists (“groups”) for easy segmenting. Manage individually or in bulk.
Custom Fields.
Create your own contact fields to keep up with unique data, or bring over whatever’s in your CRM.
Contact Status.
Always know if a contact is active, opted out, blocked, or archived. Update status anytime you need.
Contact Stats.
See how engaged each contact is with your messages, even their average response time.
Contact Tags.
Use tags to quickly identify contacts as needed, or to enable different employees to “claim” a contact.

Even More Features

You can’t do everything. These texting features handle the work for you.
Even More Texting Features from Text Request

Texting tools to make work more efficient.

Automatically respond to new inbound messages, even when you’re unavailable. Like an out of office email, but for text.
Enable contacts to text in a keyword to opt-in for info or updates on any topic you choose. Contacts are automatically added to Keyword subscriber lists for easy texting later.
The first text to a contact automatically includes a “Stop” message, telling them how to opt out (for compliance). Text Request handles any opt-outs automatically.
Message Delivery Status.
Always know if your text was delivered, and if it wasn’t, what error kept it from being delivered.
Message Tags.
Tag individual messages—such as for sales or customer feedback—for easy reporting.
Get notifications of new messages on any device, even your browser, so you never miss a message.
Permanent Records.
Every text sent or received is permanently recorded, so you can always see who said what to whom and when.

Explore the Rest

We can’t cover everything in one page. If you’re looking for more, have a look at these.

Don’t forget about these texting tools.

Mobile Apps.
Text from your business phone number on your smartphone or tablet, so you can stay connected wherever work takes you.
Desktop App.
Need to use Text Request without opening a browser? Just use our desktop app for Windows.
Landline Texting.
Use Text Request with your existing office landline, VOIP, and toll-free phone numbers—without affecting voice services.
Peer to Peer Texting.
Send individual text messages at scale. Great for nonprofits and government agencies.
Check out all the steps we take to keep you and your data secure, so you can just focus on your customers.
Product Overview.
Still want to see more? Jump back to our Product Overview page for easy navigation and more features.
Text Messaging Features from Text Request
We now have a way to wow our customers... Text Request helps us give them a 5-star experience... We do everything better as a result.”
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