Powerful tools for customer connections.

Text messaging features crafted to move your business forward.

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Powerful tools for customer connections.


Spotlight Features

Messaging tools powerful enough to stand alone—and make you stand out.

Engage your audience and grow revenue.

Request and receive secure payments through text. Track it all in one place.
Mass Texting.
Text any or all of your contacts at once with our BCC group messaging. Replies come back to you, not the group.
Peer to Peer Texting.
Create one-to-one conversations at scale, with artificial intelligence and link tracking to get the edge you need.
HIPAA Compliant Texting.
Connect with patients like never before, even about protected health information (PHI).
Landline, VOIP Texting.
Do all of this and more using your existing business landline, VOIP, and toll-free phone numbers.


All the things your business needs that your cell phone can’t do.

Texting designed for business.

Create text message templates to use repeatedly, save time, and ensure consistency across users.
Merge Fields.
Pull personalized data into individual conversations and saved Templates. Use Custom Merge to add in unique data when sending to contact lists.
MMS, Pictures.
Share images, flyers, and GIFs with one person or many to make your messages even more engaging.
Forward text messages from your dashboard to another number to make sure the right people see it.
Message Tags.
Tag and pull reports on specific messages to track topics, feedback, opportunities, anything.
Spam Scanner.
We’ll auto-scan any text you send to multiple people for quality and deliverability.
Yep, send and receive emojis to tastefully liven up your customer conversations. 🙂
Link Sharing.
Add URLs to texts to drive web traffic, reviews, payments, and more.
Delivery Status.
Know every message has been sent, delivered, or if an error occurred.
Scheduled Messages.
Set messages to send at a later time or date, whether to one person or thousands.
Msg Mgm


Helpful features to make managers’ and administrators’ lives easier.

Admin management meets the easy button.

10DLC Registration.
We’ll register your business with mobile carriers for you, so you can text confidently knowing your messages are delivered.
Billing and Usage.
Keep up with your account's usage, invoices, plan features and add-ons, including unique reports.
Usage. Opt outs. Contacts. Messages and more. Ready-made reports to save you time and sanity.
Multiple Dashboards.
Add extra dashboards (phone lines) to one account to organize communications across reps, departments, and locations.
Contact Mgm


Connect with customers whenever you want, wherever you work, no matter how many people on your team.

Designed for teams to work together.

User Permissions.
Pre-defined user roles give employees access to what they need. No more, no less.
Typing Alerts.
Avoid stepping on each others’ toes with typing alerts that show when someone else is responding to a message.
Custom Signatures.
Add your own sign off, or multiple, so customers always know who they’re texting with.
New Message Notifications.
Customizable notifications make sure everyone's in the loop who needs to be.
Time Stamps.
Always know who said what to whom and when. We’ll even show you the profile pic of the user who sent each text.


Organize, manage, and analyze contact information the way that best fits your business.

Take control of your customer data.

Import & Export.
Upload contacts through CSV, XLS, or copy/paste. Export all or a segment of contacts anytime.
Custom Fields.
Create your own contact data fields. Birthday, customer type, email address—whatever you need.
Contact Status.
See and change whether contacts are active or archived, subscribers or opt-outs.
Contact Tags.
Label contacts with custom criteria. View everywhere contacts are shown.
Filter & Sort.
Segment and easily navigate contacts based on criteria you set.
Contact Groups.
Create specific lists of contacts to send tailored texts to the right people.
Group Management.
Add and remove contacts from Groups, track messages sent, responses, opt-outs, and more.
Link Tracking.
Send auto-shortened URLs to any or all contacts. Know who clicked each link, when, and who didn’t.
Location Tracking.
Request and receive contacts' address via GPS to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
Contact Stats.
Track and view messages sent and received, response rates and response times of contacts.


Take back your time, money, and sanity with these texting features.

Messaging to make your work flow.

Create auto-replies to inbound texts. Use as an out of office message, to share info, or gather details.
Set up a specific word for contacts to text. Use to grow subscribers, segment contacts, and send auto-replies.
Call Forwarding.
Using a text-only number? Have calls to it forwarded to your main voice line.
Voice Greeting.
Tell callers who you are and where to reach you by call. For text-only numbers.
Opt Outs & STOP Message.
Baked-in compliance. STOP message sends to each contact one time, tells them how to opt out, and automatically removes those that do.

Access Everywhere

Robust texting features that complement our core product and extend texting power everywhere you work.

Connect with customers anywhere, anytime

Mobile Apps.
All of Text Request in the palm of your hand. For iOS and Android.
Chrome Extension.
Like a no-code integration for the entire web. Click on a phone number to text it, manage texting from any tab.
SMS Chat.
Customizable chat widget for your website that sparks profitable text message conversations.
Pre-built connections to the software tools you already use.
Messaging platform to power your own custom texting needs.
Desktop App.
Launch Text Request from your desktop, so you can connect with customers where you already work.
We now have a way to wow our customers... Text Request helps us give them a 5-star experience... We do everything better as a result.”
Jeff Ludy, Owner
Houston Window Experts