SMS Conversations

Texting to make your work flow.

Conversational texting service for two-way SMS messaging. Connect with customers in real-time to move your business forward.

SMS Conversations

Texting to make your work flow.

Conversational texting service for two-way SMS messaging. Connect with customers in real-time to move your business forward.

Why Two-Way Texting

Text messaging conversations are how your customers connect with each other. You should text to connect with them, too.

The perfect start to business conversations.

People are glued to their phones.
And they don’t answer calls. Texting makes sure you can reach who you need, when you need, so you actually get a response.
Customers want to text you.
90% of consumers want to text with businesses for sales, support, and more. Let them.
Those doing it recommend it.
98% of businesses already texting are seeing success and recommending it to other businesses.
Get your work done faster.
Handle more conversations than phone calls, get immediate responses, and create better customer experiences to move your business forward.

Features for SMS Conversations

All Text Request messaging is two-way, so you can spark conversations anytime, anywhere.

Landline, VOIP Texting.

Text from your existing business numbers. Have everyone share a line, or add multiple lines for different reps, departments, or locations.

SMS Chat.

Our web chat widget for texting. Let customers start conversations from your website. Provide better service and increase sales conversions.

Mass Texting.

Reach any or all of your contacts instantly with our BCC group messaging. Replies come back to you, not the group.

Chrome Extension.

Like a no-code integration for the entire web. Text from anywhere online, including your CRM and other software.

Mobile Apps.

Take your business text conversations anywhere work takes you. Available on iOS and Android.


Connect Text Request to your other tools. Add SMS conversations into your workflows and contact records.

Using SMS Conversations

Accomplish your biggest goals and solve your most frustrating challenges.

Turn conversations into revenue.

Get immediate responses.
Cut through the noise and get customers’ attention right now. Add images and links for extra punch.
Drive inbound conversions.
Customers want to text for sales and service. Use that to bring in more leads, especially after hours.
Power 5-star support.
Handle customer questions and other needs through the channel they prefer, in a way that’s 10x more efficient than phone calls.
Tee up meetings and close deals.
Texting isn’t the only way to communicate. Use it to help you schedule meetings and follow-up on sales opportunities.
Create work-life balance.
Text from your business phone line instead of your personal cell phone to create the space (and compliance) you need.

Conversation Starters

Resources to ignite customer engagement.

Success Guide

Get our 5-step plan to texting successfully here.

Expert Guidance

We’re here for you to strategize and implement conversational texting. Just ask!
Text Message Templates and Examples

Text Templates

Not sure what to say? We’ve got a good idea. Check out these message templates for inspiration.


Get your customers talking to you.
We use Text Request to schedule and confirm appointments every day, as well as to get updates from technicians on their progress throughout the day. We also use it on our website to bring in new customers. Text Request helps us run smoother and keep up with more people.”
John Downs, Owner & President
Dallas Plumbing Company