Collecting Payments

Your bookkeeper’s new best friend.

Texting service to request and collect payments compliantly by SMS—without the busywork.

Collecting Payments

Your bookkeeper’s new best friend.

Texting service to request and collect payments compliantly by SMS—without the busywork.

Why Text for Payments

Put the channel your customers use most to work for you.

Get your message seen and your bills paid.

Your customers want this.
Most consumers say they want texts about payments. Texting fits naturally into everything they do.
The stats don’t lie.
99% of texts are read, while only 5% of phone calls are answered, 30% of emails are opened, and direct mail takes forever.
Get more bills paid, faster.
Speed up cash flow, minimize bad debt, and spend fewer resources to do it.
Save time, be more efficient.
Reach any or all of your customers instantly and get them to pay now. Forget calling everyone and endlessly mailing invoices. Make everyone happier.

Features for SMS Bill Pay

See what Text Request has built to help you collect payments securely and compliantly.


Send payment requests, process real-time transactions through SMS, and track payment status. All PCI DSS compliant.

Mass Texting.

BCC group messaging to send multiple customers a text prompting them to pay. Customize their name, payment amount, and other details with Custom Merge messaging.

Message Templates.

Type your message once, save it, and reuse it to keep communications consistent across employees.


Two-way texting for individual payment notifications and reminders. Even include PDF invoices, and respond directly to customer questions.


Connect Text Request to tools you already use for managing payments, like Quickbooks and Square, to add SMS messaging into your bill pay communications.

Link sharing.

Include links to your payment portal or anywhere else you need to send customers.

How to Collect Payments

Texting fits naturally into your payment communications, and into customers’ daily lives.

SMS helps every step of the way.

Share invoices and receipts.
Include PDFs and images in your messages for full transaction breakdowns and better record keeping.
Send reminders for upcoming or overdue payments.
Forgetting is the #1 reason people don’t pay. Get customers to act with payment reminders, even schedule them in advance.
Process transactions.
Handle real-time transactions through SMS. All it takes is a confirmation code.
Update payment info.
Expired card on file? Text customers to enter and save their new payment info.
Handle customer questions.
Customers will have questions about their account and bills. Texting makes it easier for your team to handle than a flood of phone calls.


Proven expertise to help you collect more payments.

Success Guide

Get our 5 Steps to Texting Successfully here.

Expert Guidance

We’re here for you to strategize and implement text messaging for collections.
Text Message Templates and Examples

Text Templates

Not sure what to say? We’ve got some ideas. Borrow these templates or use them as inspiration.


Take back your time and money.
We use Text Request in our sales department to generate leads, in our customer service department for service and billing questions, and in our collections department to collect past-due premiums. It has been a game changer for our organization.”
Sherri Paules, CEO
Healthcare National Marketing