Your bookkeeper’s new best friend.

Texting service to request and collect payments compliantly—without the busywork.


Your bookkeeper’s new best friend.

Texting service to request and collect payments compliantly—without the busywork.

All Collections, No Hassle.

Forget phone calls, letters, and writing off bad debt. Get your money now.

Bill collection for the mobile era.

Grab customers’ attention.
Cut through the noise, connect with customers through text messages that inspire action.
Lead them through payment.
Prompt customers to pay by phone, through links to your online portal, or through secure SMS with our Payments feature (more below).
Respond to questions.
Handle customer inquiries about bills and debts professionally as they come in.
Take back your time and money.
No more repetitive tasks and excess work. Collect the money you’re owed faster while reducing your workload.

Features to Bank On

Full-fledged text messaging tools to connect with customers and collect some coin.

Messaging made for modern collections.

Request and collect payments through secure SMS text messaging. Make getting paid the easiest part of your job.
Peer to Peer Texting.
Send one-to-texts to customers to collect bills. Text as many as you need, handle conversations as a team.
Mass Texting.
Send BCC group messages to any or all of your contacts to remind or request payment.
Landline, VOIP Texting.
Text from your existing office phone lines without affecting voice services.
Chrome Extension.
Text from any webpage to start conversations or request payments, including CRM and bookkeeping software.

Built for Teams

Stay connected to your customers and your team everywhere you work, even if it's far apart.

So easy an intern can do it.

Message Templates.
Save and reuse messages for quality assurance, compliance, and consistency.
Add custom Signatures to any or all texts. Each user gets their own.
Multiple Dashboards.
Text from multiple lines under one account. Each line (dashboard) gets its own set of users, contacts, and settings.
Multi-User Management.
Always know who said what to whom and when with message time stamps, “sent by,” typing alerts, and other multi-user-friendly features.
Contact Management.
Keep custom notes, manage opt-ins and opt-outs, and other contact details with ease.
List Management.
Manage contact groups (lists) based on billing cycle, whether they’ve paid, or whatever criteria fits your needs.
Scheduled Messages.
Send collection requests now or schedule them for later. Whatever’s best for you and your customers.
Link Sharing.
Include URLs in messages to send customers directly to your payment portal, FAQs, or disclosures.


Expertise and materials to collect more payments.

Unique Insights

Quick tips and deep dives to make the most of your messaging.

Expert Guidance

We’re here for you to strategize and implement text messaging for collections.

Text Templates

Not sure what to say? Borrow these templates or use them as inspiration.


Take back your time and money.
We use Text Request in our sales department to generate leads, in our customer service department for service and billing questions, and in our collections department to collect past-due premiums. It has been a game changer for our organization.”
Sherri Paules, CEO
Healthcare National Marketing