Appointment Scheduling

Book. Confirm. Keep. Repeat.

Text messaging service to schedule appointments and send SMS reminders from your business phone number.

Appointment Scheduling

Book. Confirm. Keep. Repeat.

Text messaging service to schedule appointments and send SMS reminders from your business phone number.

Why Text for Scheduling

Keep your calendar and your wallet full using the #1 channel for customer communications.

Scheduling, as easy as texting.

No one answers phone calls.
Only 5% of calls are answers, and people skip voicemail, so calling to set and confirm appointments doesn’t work like you want.
Customers want to text.
Scheduling messages are the #1 type of texts requested by consumers. They want your business to text them.
Save hours every day.
Sending a text takes just a moment, whether you’re texting 1 person or 10,000+. That’s way better than calling everyone individually.
Get more attention, keep more appointments.
People see texts instantly. Make sure they remember and show up for their appointments, and can reschedule easily. All that leads to more money for you.

SMS Scheduling Features

Baked-in features to help you set and keep more appointments.


Text back-and-forth with customers or share calendar links to answer questions and find the best available times.

Mass Texting.

Reach any or all of your customers at once to confirm appointments or set new ones. Responses come back to you, not the group.

Message Scheduling.

Type a message now and schedule it to send at a later time and date.

SMS Chat.

Make the most of your marketing dollar. Bring in new scheduling opportunities straight from your website with our web chat widget for texting.

Mobile Apps.

Handle scheduling conversations and more everywhere work takes you. Available on iOS and Android.


Add texting to your existing workflows to schedule and keep more appointments with less effort.

How to Schedule by Text

Enhance every step of your scheduling process with text messaging.

Schedule all the appointments you can handle.

Generate inbound appointment requests.
With SMS Chat, keywords, and a text-enabled phone number, let people text you to ask clarifying questions and book appointments or services.
Schedule faster than competitors.
Texting is the fastest way to reach people. Respond to leads and other requests to schedule before competitors have a chance. Use our integrations to speed things up even more.
Confirm and reschedule in a flash.
Replace confirmation calls with time saving text messages, and give customers an easy way to reschedule. That’s much better than having customers forget or miss appointments.
Re-engage to schedule again.
Text past customers for seasonal or overdue services to keep your calendar and your wallet full year-round.

Scheduling Resources

Turn opportunities into revenue.

Success Guide

Get our 5 Steps to a Successful Texting Strategy, and start sending messages like a pro.

Expert Advice

Our 5-star rated service team is here to help you schedule more with less effort.
Text Message Templates and Examples

Text Templates

Need help knowing what to say? Use these examples to get your gears turning.


Schedule all you can handle.
We book about 2,000 appointments every week, and that’s much easier to do via text than phone call. Our customers say their experience with our team feels much more personal by texting than calling, because that’s how they’re used to communicating.”
Branden Hensley, Founder & Owner
Tangerine Salon