SMS Marketing

Engage and convert like never before.

SMS marketing service to send text campaigns, manage SMS subscribers, and increase sales.

SMS Marketing

Engage and convert like never before.

SMS marketing service to send text campaigns, manage SMS subscribers, and increase sales.

Why SMS Marketing

Turn the #1 communication channel into your biggest marketing asset.

Texting and marketing go hand-in-hand.

Reach customers instantly.
3-5x more people will see your texts than your emails, and they’ll see texts hours or days faster.
Give customers what they want.
84% want to receive SMS messages from businesses, including for promotions and discounts.
Create new revenue.
Send SMS marketing campaigns to drive sign-ups, sales, and responses. Prove ROI with reports and analytics.
Spark profitable conversations.
Create one-to-one conversations at scale to answer questions and move customers through your sales funnel.

SMS Marketing Features

We took the pain out of marketing communications and kept all the good stuff.

Mass Texting.

Send BCC group messages to any or all of your subscribers, with detailed list management.

MMS and Link Sharing.

Send images, PDFs, and links to make your messages more engaging and profitable.


Create custom keywords for contacts to text to opt into your SMS campaigns.


Connect tools you already use to Text Request to build your SMS marketing lists.

Custom Merge Messaging.

Upload custom contact fields to personalize messages as scale and pack a bigger punch.

Scheduled Messaging.

Create a text campaign now and schedule it to send at a later time and date.

How to Use SMS Marketing

It’s great for promotions, and so many other things, too.

Turn messages into revenue.

Promotions and discounts.
Get your latest deals in front of targeted customers so they’ll spend more.
Newsletters and content marketing.
Share your latest insights with people who will actually engage with your content.
Updates and notifications.
Get the word out instantly, whether about office hours, account changes, or whatever else matters to your subscribers.
Events and reminders.
Tap your audience to register for upcoming events, remind them to show up, and share venue policies or FAQs.

Conversation Starters

Resources to send campaigns that convert.

Success Guide

Get our 5 Steps to a Successful Texting Strategy here, so you can send SMS campaigns like a pro.

Expert Advice

Ready to start but want some help? We’re here to help you implement text marketing.
Text Message Templates and Examples

Text Templates

Not sure what to say? Use these SMS marketing examples to get subscribers’ attention every time.


Start sending SMS campaigns today.
People don’t always check their emails, but I know they get my texts because everyone always has their phone in their hands.”
Stacy Ervin, Owner
Just Between Friends, Chattanooga