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Promotions and Marketing

Marketers see more returns when they use text messaging for promotions.

We’re going to show you which text message templates they use to get the most conversions, just like we have thousands of others.

Note that these text templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

1. Send General Promotions For a Flash Sales Boost

All it takes is one nudge to get previous buyers to come back to you. Send a promotion to all your engaged contacts via text, and push your sales goals past the finish line. 

Sharing pictures along with these messages will put you on a whole other level. Pictures always speak louder than words, so including them in your SMS marketing promotions will get way more people to take action.

Template 1: “Hey [Name], excited for the change in the seasons? We have a sale to go along with it.”

Template 2: “Hi [First Name], new [product] dropping this Friday. Line-up starts at [time] and [date]. Will we see you there? [image]”

Template 3: “Flash sale alert! Only 10 of these discount [items] are left. Check our e-commerce store details. [image]”

Template 4: “Would you look at that? We have a new [industry title] to help with all your [industry] needs. Take a peek at some of the work they’ve done before: [image]”

Template 5: “This just in—we have a new [service] that’ll make you [item] look like this: [image]” 

Some of our clients have seen a 62% increase in response rate with texting!”
Kevin Doran, Co-Owner
R&A Marketing

2. Text Direct Links to New Products

The more convenient it is for a customer to make a purchase, the more likely they are to actually do it. Just pop your link into a text, hit send, and watch the conversions roll in. 

You can see who clicked the links, then pile those contacts into your engaged customer list for future promotions. You’ll also be able to track those who didn’t click the link, so you can try reaching out to them at a later date.

Template 6: “Hey [First Name], go here [link] to check out our newest order of [items].”

Template 7: “This just in! We have new [items]: [link] Buy 2 and get 1 free (online only).”

Template 8: “Hey [Name], we just got a whole new shipment of [product]: [link] Do any of those interest you?”

Template 9: “Hi [Name], it’s time for your annual [service]: [link] Use that link to schedule a visit?”

Template 10: [Name], did you know we have a [product] that matches the one you just purchased? Click [link] to check it out.”

shorten links and track click rates with Text Request

3. Draw More Eyes and Opt-Ins With Keywords

Don’t you want an easy way customers can opt-in for automatic updates for ads and inventory? Say no more—keywords do that for you.

Depending on your setup, you'll want to promote your keywords. Watch the subscribers come to you when you advertise the word they can text for updates on your website, social media, or digital ads.

Template 11: “Thanks for trusting [retailer name] with your phone number! We’ll return the favor by sending you only the most exclusive, VIP updates a loyal customer like you deserves.”

Template 12: “Thanks for texting [keyword] to [business name]. We’ll send you details on the hottest new [product] as they come into our store.”

Template 13: “Thanks for opting in for weekly updates on our inventory! You can expect a text every Tuesday and Thursday. - [Business Name]”

Template 14: “Thanks for texting [keyword] to [Company Name]. Now you’ll get early access to our newest lines of [products].”

Template 15: “Thanks for texting our promo code [keyword]! Your next order on [product] is 50% off.”

4. Re-engage Old Leads With Promotional Messages

You can always find a reason to text an old lead—especially when you’re looking to generate a few more sales. One message to 1,000 old leads can turn a kick profit when 12 respond saying they’ll make a purchase. 

Template 16: ‘“Hey [First Name], haven’t seen you in a while! Just wanted to let you know that we still have some of your favorites in the shop: [link] Check it out!”

Template 17: “Hi [First Name], we miss you! Come by soon and show us this text for 10% off.”

Template 18: “Anything our team can do for you? Remember, our customer service is available 24 hours!”

Template 19: “Happy birthday, [Name]! Did you know we have a special discount you can use on any of our [product or service] during your special day?”

Template 20: “Use code word [keyword] the next time you visit our brick-and-mortar location to receive half off your purchase!”


5. Encourage New Customers to Register for Online Events or Promos

Asking customers to register for an exclusive sale event creates a sense of urgency for them to make a purchase, gets them interested in your culture, and grants you access to their contact information for follow-ups. What better way to embed them into your business?

Template 21: “Hey [Name], we have an exclusive sales event coming up: [link] Use that link to register for SMS updates."

Template 22: “The best deals require the best customers: [link] The first 50 people to use that link to signup for our next sales event will get early access!”

Template 23: “Our next promo event will be at [time] on [date]. Items go fast, so register for early access here.”

Our ticketing team saw engagement immediately increase when we began using Text Request.”
Jeremy Alumbaugh, Managing Director
Chattanooga Football Club

6. Send Personalized Upsells and Special Offers

Upsells only work if they’re personalized for your individual customers’ needs. Features like Groups and Merge Fields help you organize those needs to make the most impact in your text promotions. 

Template 24: “Hi [Name], your last [service] was [date]. Use this [link] to schedule your next one now and get a 20% discount.”

Template 25: “[Name], we noticed you purchased [item]. Click [link] to see our other products that combine well with it.”

Template 26: “Hey [Name], we saw you recently upgraded. Use [link] to all the new features you have access to, plus some additional ones you can add on.”

Capture attention with merge fields

7. Share Company Updates and Milestones to Increase Customer Engagement

Customers care way more about your business’s behind-the-scenes moments than they do your speech on why you’re the best. So share your milestones and success with them alongside your regular text message marketing. You can tie your promotions around the updates you give.

Template 27: “Guess what, [Name]? We recently hit [goal] and we want to celebrate by creating this new [product]!”

Template 28: “[Name], did you know we just celebrated our [number] year in business? We want to celebrate with you by sharing this limited-time 15% discount on your next purchase. Click [link] for details!”

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