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Cold Lead Follow-Up

Re-engaging cold leads by text needs to be part of your sales process. A single outreach message once a month can turn 3% to 15% of your cold leads back into qualified sales opportunities. These text message templates are proven to help.

Note that these SMS templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

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1. Reignite Interest With Discounts Related to Pain Points

Leads go quiet as they decide if your solution best fits their needs. SMS updates and discounts directly related to their pain points will hook their attention again. Price is a significant factor in their decision, and sometimes time boxing a discount will create urgency.

Template 1: “[Name], I know solving [problem] is important to you, but price for [our product] is tough. I talked to my supervisor, and we can give you [discount]. Would you like to move forward?”

Template 2: “Hi [Name], this [Sales Rep] with [Company Name]. We’re currently offering 20% off our lowest priced plan until February. Would you like to set up a demo to try it? I remember you saying that was the plan you were most interested in.”

Template 3: “[Name], it's [Sales Rep] with [Company Name]. To help us hit quarterly goals, we're offering $X off [product/service] to those who commit before [date]. Any interest in taking another look?”

2. Put Qualified Leads Back In the Game With Helpful Resources

Some qualified leads can’t get back to you until other decision-makers at their company agree your offer is helpful enough to make it a priority. Do the work for them by texting links to guides, case studies, webinars, ebooks, and other social proof. That way the lead has everything they need to take back to their team.

Template 4: “Hey [Customer Name], it’s [Sales Rep] with [Company Name]. [link] Here’s a case study from one of our customers in the same industry as you. It’ll show your manager the impact our [product/service] can have.”

Template 5: “[Name], it’s [Sales Rep] with [Company Name]. Looking for ways to best use our product? [link] Our blog has tons of content dedicated to it.”

Template 6: “[Name], we’re hosting a webinar this week about [service] and how it helps with [problem]. Register here: [link] See you there!”

Template 7: “Hey [Name], did you know we have an ebook that covers how to use [product] from start to finish? [link] Want help setting this up?”


3. Celebrate Big Moments With Potential Customers

Need a good excuse to touch base with a cold lead? Celebrating big moments with them is a welcomed one. A quick text highlighting a prospect’s recent success, milestone, or birthday can reopen a conversation by showing you see them as more than a sale.

Template 8: “[Name], heard you and your team are celebrating reaching [goal]! Congratulations!”

Template 9: “Hi [Name], congrats on accomplishing [milestone]! - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

Template 10: “Happy birthday, first name! Hope it's a great day, and things are going well at work, too. - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

4. Ask Cold Leads What They Need to Take a Next Step

Sometimes working with you isn't the lead’s priority yet. Stay present so they don't completely forget (and see how you can help them make it a priority). Ask them directly what they need to consider restarting the conversation with you.

Template 11: “Would you like to schedule a phone call to nail down the final service you’ll go with? - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

Template 12: “Hey [Name], do you have any questions about the proposal I sent last month? Want to set up a time to talk through it, or just text me your questions? Thanks. - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

Template 13: “[Name], if you're not ready to commit just yet, we have a free trial for you. Just go to [link] to check it out. Of course I'm here for any questions or to walk you through it if you like.”

5. Share New Products or Services 

You may not have what customers need the first time they reach out. Texting new products or services can heat a cold lead up—it may be exactly what they need.

Template 14: “Hi [Name], we've created a new [service] specifically to help with [problem]. [link] Do you want to take a look? I remember that was an area you were trying to improve. Thanks! - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

Template 15: “Hey [Name], we have a new [product] for [problem]. Here’s a picture of how it works. [image] - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”

Template 16: “Hey [Name], we now integrate with [software]. [link] Let me know if you're interested in learning more. - [Sales Rep] @ [Company Name]”


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