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Sales and Warm Leads

Text messages grab a new lead's attention at a speed and open rate that keeps them out of your competitors' hands. We’ve done the work and created eye-catching messages for you, so you can get to closing!

Note that these text templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

1. Offer Solutions to Your Prospects’ Pain Points

Leads don’t want to hear about who you are or why your business is great—they want to know how you’re going to help them solve a problem. That's why they reached out or became a lead in the first place, right? 

Text leads solutions that break down exactly how your product or service will make a positive impact on what they’re trying to accomplish. 

Template 1: “Hi [Name], wanted to check in after our last call. Read more about our [feature] at [link] to learn how it can help you with [problem].”

Template 2: “[Name], check out this [service] we offer. It’ll help you with [problem].”

Template 3: “Hey again [Name], I’ve narrowed down these different [products] that could make your [project] go smoother.”

2. Share Content that Educates Decision-Makers About Your Product or Service

This ties directly into sharing solutions for pain points, but ongoing. Now you’re going to continue texting links to content that proves you can follow through on the solution you’re promising. These texts can be spaced out until you get the final bite.

Template 4: “Hey [Name], during our talk you said you were trying to make better [content]. Use [link] to view content our copywriters have created for other [industry] businesses.”

Template 5: “You mentioned you were trying to get more local leads: [link] That link will take you to a case study that shows how we make that happen.”

Template 6: “[Name], I know you’re slammed and trying to create more time for outreach. Here’s an infographic that breaks down how we can help you streamline your processes. [image]”

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3. Follow Up On Activity or Engagement Prospects Have With Your Brand

Don’t stop at texting warm leads just because they say they’re about to make a decision. Pay attention to what they’re doing in the background. Chances are they’re engaging with your website, content, and social media accounts as they finalize their choice.

Sending a quick text when you catch that activity is a great way to push them further down the funnel or link them to more content to help their decision.

Template 7: “Hey [Name], thanks for watching our [webinar]! Here is a blog [link] that talks about those same themes.”

Template 8: “Hi [Name], saw you just downloaded our new [guide]! Let me know if you have any questions about it. I’m happy to help.”

Template 9: “Hey [Name], just read your comment on Facebook, and I’m so happy you found that study insightful! I would love to talk with you more about it!”

4. Foster Relationships With Prospects Beyond the Sales Process

Your contact may be a red hot lead, but that doesn’t mean their supervisors are ready to fire the gun too. This can make the sale a longer game than expected—but texts are a great way to keep the fire stoked while your lead works things over with their higher-ups. 

All it takes is a little reminder that you’re still there and cheering on their efforts through text messaging.

Template 10: “Hey [Name], just saw on LinkedIn that you got a promotion! Congratulations!”

Template 11: “[Name], just read an article in [publication] placing [company name] in the top fastest-growing small business, congratulations!”

Template 12: “Saw you guys hired a new [position]. Glad to hear you’re growing!”


5. Shoot Follow-up Texts With Upsell Opportunities

The work doesn’t stop after you’ve converted the prospect into a customer. Now’s your chance to introduce SMS upsell opportunities that are a natural fit for all the pain points and goals you’ve been learning during your text conversations.

Template 13: “[Name], glad you went with [product]! Did you know it has an add-on feature that can help you with [goal]?”

Template 14: “Hey [Name], how did that [service] work for you? We have some additional products at [link] that can help you with upkeep.”

Template 15: “We’re so happy [service] is working for you! I’m here whenever you’re ready to upgrade and expand your reach to the full scale we talked about earlier.”


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