SMS for Sales Teams

Texting made for closers.

Text messaging service for sales teams to close more deals and crush quota.

SMS for Sales Teams

Texting made for closers.

Text messaging service for sales teams to close more deals and crush quota.

Why Text for Sales

Texting is the fastest way to get someone’s attention and move them through your sales funnel.

Improve every sales metric that matters.

People don’t answer phone calls.
5% of calls are answered, and you’re tired of wasting time trying to get a response.
Speed-to-lead is crucial.
70% of people say texting is the fastest way to reach them, and you know the first vendor to respond is who usually wins the deal.
Near instant responses.
Two-thirds of people respond to texts within just a few minutes. What’s faster and more reliable than that?
The perfect sales assistant.
Text to get a quick update, book a meeting, answer questions, sign the contract—whatever you or your prospect needs before they buy.

SMS Features for Sales

Texting tools for you and your team to run more efficiently.

Landline Texting.

Give every rep or location their own business line to text from, and manage them all under one account.


Pull texting into your workflows, automations, and daily tasks with our pre-built connections.

Mass Texting.

Re-engage old leads to refill your pipeline, or tap past customers for repeat purchases.


All Text Request messaging is two-way and conversational. Include emojis, images, PDFs, and links to better connect.

Mobile Apps.

Handle sales conversations and close deals on the go with our native iOS and Android apps.

Chrome Extension.

Your no-code texting integration for the entire web. Use click-to-text to engage prospects, and get notifications when new messages come in.

How to Text for Sales

Texting fits naturally into your sales cycle, so you can get more attention and win more accounts.

Close deals at the speed of text.

Auto-respond to leads and forms.
Tell people you got their message and you’ll follow-up ASAP while opening up a clear line of communication.
Schedule meetings and appointments.
Ping prospects and share calendar links to increase bookings in less time.
Get immediate responses.
Text instead of playing phone tag and leaving voicemail no one hears.
Tap old leads to re-engage.
Periodically text past leads to see if the timing is better now, refill your pipeline with minimal effort.
Resell and upsell customers.
Need a revenue boost? Get in touch with past customers and see if they’re ready to buy again, or if there’s more you can offer.

Sales Resources

Give your sales team an unfair advantage.
Text Message Templates and Examples

Text Templates

Not sure what to say to prospects? Check out these message examples.

Success Guide

Need help rolling texting into your daily sales workflows? Our 5-step guide shows you the path.

Expert Advice

We’re here to help you strategize and implement text messaging for sales. Just ask.


Pour fuel on your sales fire.
The typical franchise development close rate is about 0.5%, but our average close rate through text is 3% – six times higher! Selling six times the number of franchise locations makes a huge impact on us and our clients.”
David Sparks, Chief Development Officer
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