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Once we started using Text Request, we were able to completely cut out cold calling and physical mailing from our marketing strategies.

We needed to find a way to reach all of our new leads with the click of a button.


We had no way to separate life and work on our personal phones.

The Rogers Agency offers a wide variety of insurance options, so we can help clients find the best coverage for their individual needs. We’re a family-owned insurance agency, meaning I work directly alongside my husband to help him attract new clients, schedule more appointments, and build our book of business.

We get a new list of around two hundred leads every month, and we needed to find a way to reach all of them with the click of a button. When I found out that text messages are read 99% of the time, I knew it would be the best way for us to get in front of those leads faster. The only problem was we had no way to separate life and work on our personal phones. It’d be eleven o’clock at night, and we had no business line to direct clients to when they texted us things like, “Hey, we need to add a car to our plan!”



Reach customers where they already are, on their phones.

Text Request makes it easy to upload all of our leads directly into one text. It’s also great for policy update reminders, scheduling appointments, and speeding up quotes. For example, a new homeowner policy requires documentation for roof, HVAC, and monitored alarm systems. Clients can text us pictures of all of these items to make things go what feels like 150,000% faster than they would over phone or email. We’ll also regularly use Text Request to send out a Mass Texts that introduces our services and offers a free quote to new leads. Not many other agents do this, so it helps us stand out in a major way that drums up new business.

We’re huge fans of the Text Request mobile app and Chrome extension, because they keep us from having to log in to our account every time we need to see who texted us. It keeps our responses moving along, so we can finalize quotes and paperwork faster. We can even advertise that people can “call or text” our existing number, since Text Request made it textable. It’s drastically helped us improve communication with our clients.

Earning one new policy from a Mass Text pays for our Text Request bill.”
Brittany Rogers, Marketing Director
The Rogers Agency


Text Request helps us stand out in a major way that drums up new business.

People don’t want to talk about insurance, let alone get a cold call about it. I don’t want to cold call them either, especially since no one answers the phone anymore if they don’t recognize your number. Texting is how I and my clients both prefer to communicate, so everybody wins! The Text Request support team is friendly, set up is quick, and everything is laid out intuitively. It’s perfect for a family-owned business like us.


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