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SMS for Staffing: Lock-in Quality Candidates by Text

Need to fill a job slot fast? Here are three ways to cut time-to-fill and create great employee experiences by using texts throughout your hiring process.


1. Book Interviews

Capture your quality candidate’s attention ASAP with a text message.

Quality candidates have options! You can’t afford to lose out by waiting for them to see your email or voicemail inviting them to come interview.

The faster you connect, the better your shot at onboarding them. Lock them in with a text.

"Hi [Name], we would like to schedule a phone interview with you. Does [date] at [time] work?"

You can also automate your messages, so applicants know you’ve received their application as soon as they’ve completed it.


2. Nurture Applicants

Help your job candidates be as prepared as possible by texting tips.

Text applicants what to expect during the interview, including:

  • How long it will last

  • Documents or certifications they need to present

  • General questions you’ll ask

  • What attire is expected

  • Where your office is located

  • Where to park

When your potential new hire looks good, your department does too. Plus you’ll keep applicants rolling in and out seamlessly. 


3. Share Next Steps

Make the onboarding experience smooth by texting new hires.

Congrats! You just hired your new star employee. Text them onboarding instructions to get them settled into their new role.

"Hi [Name], congrats again on getting hired! [link] That link will take you to your benefits package and employee handbook."

New hires will most likely have ongoing questions as they learn more about your business and their tasks. Texting is a quick way to get them the info they need so you can keep the ball rolling.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our staffing and hiring text message templates.

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