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Staffing and Hiring

Recruiters cut time-to-fill and create great employee experiences when they use text messaging throughout the hiring process.

We’re giving you premade templates to send to job seekers and exponentially speed up back-and-forth conversations.

Note that these text templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

1. Lock-in Quality Candidates by Confirming Job Applications

Jump on quality candidates before your competitors do, by keeping applicants in the loop and texting them as soon as their applications roll in. You can even automate these messages, so they send whenever someone fills out an application form.

This gives you more leeway to continue the conversation.

Template 1: “Hey [Name], we got your application and look forward to reviewing it. We’ll be in touch.”

Template 2: “Thanks for applying! Look for a message from us in 2-3 weeks. - [Business Name]”

Template 3: “It was nice meeting you at the job fair yesterday! We have received your application and wish you the best of luck.”

Template 4: “Thanks for responding so fast to our job opening! We’ll get back to you with an update on the new position next week.”

2. Receive Important Details In a Flash During the Recruitment Process

There’s no such thing as a one and done application process. There will always be more information to collect, like references, certificates, start date availability, etc.

The good news is that you’ll get all these things way faster when you ask for them over text.

Template 5: “Hey [Name], we want to move forward with your application. Can you send us three references and their contact information?”

Template 6: “Thanks for applying, can you let us know of any extra skills you might have that apply to this [job title]?”

Template 7: “Hello [Name], We would like to know which days you are available to work throughout a typical work week.”

Template 8: “Hi [Name], for this position we need to make sure that you are [skill] certified. Can you text us a picture of your certification?”

Template 9: “The best way to send your resume is through our job post on our [LinkedIn].”


3. Book Interviews With Job Candidates Faster

You can’t afford to lose out on a quality candidate by waiting for them to see your email or voicemail inviting them to come interview. Capture their attention ASAP with a text message instead.

Template 10: “Hi [Name], we would like to schedule a phone interview with you. Does [date] at [time] work for you?"

Template 11: “Hey [Name], we would like to congratulate you on moving forward with the hiring process. What times next week are you free to come by the office for an interview?”

Template 12: “Hi [Name], we’d like to move forward and schedule a job interview with you: [link] Use that link to pick a time slot that works best for you.”

Template 13: “Do you have a moment to chat? Text us a date and time that works for you to come in, as well as what your soonest possible start date could be.”

Template 14: “Congrats, you’ve made it through the first round of applications: [link] Please use this link to our text recruiting system to schedule an interview time.”

We book about 2,000 appointments every week using Text Request.”
Brandon Hensley, Founder & Owner
Tangerine Salon

4. Nurture Applicants With Interview Reminders and Tips

When your potential new hire looks good, your department does too. Help your job candidates be as prepared as possible by texting tips that walk them through exactly what to expect and do during the interview. 

Template 15: “Hey, congrats on getting an interview! Quick tip, make sure you arrive about 15 minutes early!”

Template 16: “Hi [Name], before you interview, read up on [skill]. That is something our [department] is looking into.”

Template 17: “[Name], when you come into your interview, make sure you highlight your [industry] experience and volunteering.”

Template 18: “Hi [Name], this is [Interviewer]. She'll be running your interview. She used to be in [industry] too. [include photo]”

Template 19: “Don’t forget to mention the referral from your previous job. Our supervisor also worked with them. Best of luck!”

5. Keep the Interview Process Flowing With Follow-Ups and Check-Ins

You don’t want to waste time and lose potential new hires to another business. Follow up with them immediately over text to ensure that you keep them on the hook.

Template 20: “Hi [Name], we would like to schedule another interview with you. When would you be available to come in again?”

Template 21: “Hey [Name]! Just a reminder you’re about to get a phone call from our human resource department. Best of luck on your follow-up interview!” 

Template 22: “Is this the best phone number to call you for a follow-up interview?” 

Template 23: “Thanks for interviewing for our social media coordinator position! Our team really enjoyed getting to meet you and would like to schedule a follow-up interview.” 

Template 24: “Thanks for considering us during your job search! We really enjoyed talking over Zoom with you the other day and would like to schedule an in-person interview next.” 

6. Provide Next Steps and Onboarding Directions

Congrats! You just hired your new star employee. Make their onboarding experience smooth by texting them. New hires won’t have to ask when you text them their onboarding instructions to help guide them through the rest of the process. 

Template 25: “Hey [Name], congrats on getting the job: [link] Use that link to the fill out the forms we need before you can start.”

Template 26: “Hi [Name], you have been hired: [link] That link will take you to your benefits package and employee handbook.”

Template 27: “[Name]! You start work this Monday! Here’s a map of where you can park. [image]”

Template 28: “Sorry that you weren’t chosen for the job. Use this [link] to check out the other openings in our department.”

7. Answer Common Interview Process Questions

Interviewees have questions about what to expect when they come in, like where to park, what floor in the building to go to, how long the conversation will last—pretty much the entire interview process in general. These templates streamline your answers to them so you can get back to other tasks. 

Template 29: “You can park at [location] on [street address]. Our office is on the [floor] of [building]. Ask the front desk to validate your parking.”

Template 30: “Hi [Name], attire in our office is [style], and our interviews tend to last [time period].”

Template 31: “Here is a link to the typical questions we cover: [link] Read through them and let me know if you have any questions.”

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